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  • Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance

    A Little Marketing Joke
    An Englishman, Scottish man and Irishman selling bibles door to door, they have a bet who will sell the most in a day. They meet up at end of day...
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  • Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance

    Baby Boomer Texting Codes
    ATD - At The Doctors BFF - Best Friend Fell BTW - Bring The Wheelchair FWIW - Forgot Where I Was GHA - Got Heartburn Again IMHO - Is My...
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  • Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance

    A little wintry humor
     They suggest that anyone traveling in the current icy conditions should  make sure they have the following with them:     S...
    Cheryl Baumgartner  I'm sure that somewhere along the line, someone actually did it!
    Feb 11th 09:42
    Jeff Greene  I have seen wealthy people who live in these highly equipped, ultra smart high rise buildings strip the bread, milk and candles right off the supermar...
    Feb 11th 09:48
    Cheryl Baumgartner  lol! you should see the store shelves right before a hurricane!
    Feb 11th 09:50
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  • James Bonham Committed   tweetsmaster

    Who makes the coffee?
    These two, a Married couple were arguing who is making the coffee, Then the wife said there is a book in the Bible that proves men should make the cof...
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  • Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant

    It's Not Nice To "Bling " The Death Helmet .....LOL!
    ( Many thanks to CB for this great title!) YES, I AM AN ARTIST in case youse didn't know! I fully admit that I'm one of those guys who can pain...
    Cheryl Baumgartner  You Blinged the title and then "Carmen Mirandized" the photo! Is that heavy breathing coming from a respirator you hear sneaking up behind you? Bett...
    Nov 5th 09:40
    Jeff Greene  LOL! I knew you would probably "rat" on me! :)
    Nov 5th 10:02
    Cheryl Baumgartner  Not me! I just topped it! With all the 'celebrities' hanging out on APSense these days maybe Darth Vader has an account too! ROFL
    Nov 5th 10:07
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  • Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance

    A Little Naval Humor
    Once a captain on his ship was disturbed by his assistant telling him, "Sir! Sir! There are 5 enemy ships on the horizon." The captain tells the man,...
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  • Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant

    Open Letter To A Supermarket Chicken Mangler! LOL!
    This letter is directed to the mindless woman who poked, prodded and very nearly intimately assaulted a supermarket chicken the other day... before pu...
    Jeff Greene   I have a true story called 'One Not-So- Bright Woman VS. 48 Live Crabs"... This is begging to be posted, But will have to get her daughter's permissi...
    Apr 30th 12:03
    Cheryl Baumgartner  Well I will share my mom's true story. Since she laughed about it up until the day she passed I think she would appreciate me passing it along. I wa...
    Apr 30th 12:39
    Jeff Greene   I know that your Mom was a Libra, like me... Of course that's the kind of thing we will laff about forever, it's almost like we welcome the funnier s...
    Apr 30th 12:53
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  • Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant

    Of Course Dogs Should Be Allowed In Bars! They're Only Human! LOL!
     This was my response to a poll question from my friend, Crazy Nurse.... Considering the fact that a couple of drinks can turn some people...
    Lisa G.  It's amazing how drinking can effect folks differently. Just hope they all have designated drivers. Glad to hear you have done that for folks that ar...
    Dec 27th 11:50
    Jeff Greene  Sometimes all people have to do is get a whiff of alcohol and it's Lycantho-Path City! LOL! :)
    Dec 28th 14:30
    Jeff Greene   Sombody wanted the pet information....
    Apr 30th 07:58
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  • Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant

    It Finally Happened!- My First Business Center Contact Spam! LOL!
     These folks must be pretty desperate, I think that Apsense Business Center contact mail has to be addressed by hand...  Well, a...
    Jeff Greene   Forget bothering those busy folks -- I took care of it with a trip to Harry's Occult Shoppe... Nothing works like some really, really, really, ...
    Apr 17th 10:30
    Ken Stewart  I like to reply to them with an email of my own that says: "Thanks for your offer, but I doubt that you would want to do business with me. I am a N...
    Apr 18th 16:44
    Jeff Greene   They didn't pester me much until I listed my business on the Thomas Register.... Lot's of 1st class traffic goes through there... From small business...
    Apr 19th 10:24
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  • Lisa G. Committed   Health Wellness & Wealth Consultant

    Success (Life Story Laffs Group)
    At Age 4.... Success is..... Not peeing in your pants     At Age 6.... Success is..... Finding your way home (From school) &nb...
    Arthur Webster  Hey! Leave my groin out of this! I looked at the list and thought - "Bloody hell! I'm a failure!"
    Apr 8th 03:32
    Lisa G.  LoL.. We love you no matter
    Apr 8th 21:54
    Lisa G.  P.S. you could never ever be a failure!!! ;-)
    Apr 8th 21:55
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  • Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant

    A BONFIRE Burning Stick! LOL! How To Handle Your Pet Peeves
      At Yule... A tradition is to carve a stick with your most annoying complaint of the past "Turning" and toss it into a roaring BONFIRE, so ...
    Jeff Greene  Shhhhhhhhhh! Those MONSTER MARTS might invade your county if they knew about! Those creeps love to read blogs! LOL!
    Dec 23rd 15:46
    Not Here  LOL....I don't think they'll find me up here...if they do they won't stay in business long!
    Dec 23rd 15:58
    Jeff Greene  Lucky You, Garnet! I can't even build a BONFIRE in this town, dammit! I'll go celebrate in the mountains, though, and I burn some Blessing Logs fo...
    Dec 23rd 16:02
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  • Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant

    The MACHO Test! LOL! Never Mess With A Guy That Can Cook...
     Every now and then my fishing buddies get it in their heads that they can "Out-Macho" each other and once they even tried it on me... I bel...
    Jeff Greene   It's all about 'The Inner Ear" thing-- I only experience motion sickness if I lose the Horizon... I was born with a Natural sense of balance and my b...
    Dec 27th 13:12
    Jane F.  HAHAHAHA Limburger Cheese. That must of stunk. YUCK. Reminds me of a scene in the Little Rascals. Jeff you NUTS.
    Dec 27th 14:36
    Jeff Greene  They didn't count on me being smart enough to sense what they were up to! :) My mind works a lot faster than their's because I keep it busy with p...
    Jan 12th 15:42
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  • Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance

    Be careful with the dog treats!
    I did a big BooBoo at Christmas.  I bought my four legged babies Christmas presents in the form of "Snaw Somes!" Peanut butter and Apple flavor s...
    Cheryl Baumgartner  They will not be getting anymore of those things, I will however put them on my Christmas list under "Enemies with dogs" LOL!
    Jan 4th 14:21
    Beth Schmillen  That is too too funny... I do not envy you that night... Could you have put the little darlings outside? or in a/the garage? maybe not possible... ...
    Jan 5th 18:44
    Cheryl Baumgartner  Waste not, want not! Great way to reserve resources!
    Jan 5th 22:04
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  • Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant

    Happy New Years Heave! Funny Hangover Cures And Soft Music For Your Aching Head!
    So ya went ahead and did it anyway, didn't ya? "Party Til Ya Potty!" That's your motto, Eh?    Well now there's a Beer Swilling, Scot...
    Jennifer Underwood  Music is GREAT btw!!
    Dec 31st 16:04
    Jeff Greene  Well, then he'll be a birthday horse! :) Congratulations, Jenn! Dizzler is great for music, video and stuff-- I'm it trying it out and you wou...
    Dec 31st 16:13
    Jeff Greene   BTW-- I woke up at midnight and toasted you all... Then went back to bed-- the flu is trying to attack me-- A little bit of Maker's Mark and food is ...
    Jan 1st 16:40
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  • Jennifer Underwood Professional   Promoter

    Who is D Pickett anyway????
      Last year my hunny the kids and I were watching a football game with some friends.  *I don't remember the game, and who was playing*. ...
    Cheryl Baumgartner  Wow Jenn you are not alone! I was at a burger joint for lunch and there was a game on the TV. The counter girl and the cook were sort of shooting th...
    Dec 31st 15:33
    Jennifer Underwood  LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! THANK GOODNESS!!!
    Dec 31st 16:00
    Jennifer Underwood  I think who ever made it up did it to test us!!!! I still wanna know who the heck D Pickett is...hahahahaha!
    Dec 31st 16:02
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  • Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance

    My mother was a walking Loo!
    My mom God rest her soul had a very special nickname within the family, Animal Toilet.  I have never seen one woman end up with more animals usin...
    Lisa G.  I hear this is good If it is, I'll take a rain check. The same thing happended to us, at the Santa Barbara Zoo, years ago. It's like...
    Dec 27th 14:41
    Cheryl Baumgartner  My mom used to claim that too. I think the "Baptized" ones made it up to live down the embarrassment!
    Dec 27th 14:50
    Lisa G.  LoL..that could be. I know my grandmother got hit by a pigeon, in the rain. We were standing in a crowd for our local parade. The more she wiped,...
    Dec 27th 20:51
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  • Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance

    Thank you Jeff for clearing up my confusion, I thought Monty Python has written to funniest joke ever!
    I still don't know what know what the joke is.  That probably a good thing considering the results of knowing the joke.
    Jeff Greene   The German joke was: One Man Says To Another, "My Dog Has No Nose..." and then the other Man asks "Well, does he smell?" to which the the first man r...
    Dec 21st 14:43
    Cheryl Baumgartner  Well thanks for clearing that up......I'm still breathing. I guess the results of hearing the joke are funnier than the joke itself!
    Dec 21st 15:03
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  • Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant

    Compare My Joke To The World Funniest Joke! :)
    This joke is supposed to be the World's funniest according to a poll pf 100,000 people: Here is the joke: It's from a study that came out a couple y...
    Theresa   VERY FUNNY!! Well done Peaceful :-)
    Dec 21st 13:18
    Jeff Greene   Thanks, Fishie! It didn't come up "Crushed" at all, did it? :)
    Dec 21st 13:24
    Theresa   nope. not at all ;-)
    Dec 21st 13:40
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  • Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant

    I love a good prank! Here's one of my best!
    I love a good practical joke and I have admittedly pulled off a "stunner" or two in my day... Most people who know me also know that I'm a great c...
    Lisa G.  Excellent prank! That would be so much fun! Perfect too, the way you had the dinner..really prepared! love it!
    Dec 12th 12:00
    Jeff Greene   The dinner is the key to saving your Life, when you pull a stunt like this! LOL! :)
    Dec 12th 12:40
    Cheryl Baumgartner  I can see someone digging into that display food, a lot of it looks better than the real thing!
    Dec 19th 15:58
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  • Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant

    My Fat Fishin' Buddy! LOL!
    Ya know, I wouldn't say that my fishin' buddy is fat... I mean, he's got a little extra middle-age poundage, that's all- Ok, Ok - he's...
    Jeff Greene   He still get pissed about that night, LOL! :) and it's been about 6 or seven years! My sides still hurt! :)
    Dec 12th 12:36
    Cheryl Baumgartner  I've been on some of those very same fishing trips!
    Dec 14th 22:38
    Jeff Greene  Wait 'til you see 'Setting Glenny On Fire".... I'll have to stop laughing long enough to type it... :)
    Dec 16th 15:32
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