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The Freedom Now Business Resource Center! - Mar 30th 2023 06:37

About our Business

These years, my journey has been about exploring and procuring actual and usable resources, and then sharing them with you. There will be no frills or fluff or get rich quick stuff for you to be concerned about here, but it's not gonna be boring either...

 It is said that "Marketing matures as the Marketer matures " and I can gratefully attest to that...

 Products and services and those who create them these days have fought to gain and maintain a level of respect. Applications have grown up and even become mainstays for us users and advertisers and I want to bring your attention to the very best.

Featured Products or Services

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Dec 17 2010 10:04

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Seattle Coffee Direct- Coffee And Grinder Just $9.00!
Nov 6 2007 16:26

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WEB CEO! Use The Product That 200,000 Businesses Use Daily For FREE!
Oct 3 2007 16:00

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Learn Out Loud- Educational Podcasts- Tons Of Learning Items, Free Stuff, too!
Oct 3 2007 11:03

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Travelocity.Com Welcomes You!
Oct 3 2007 08:35

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Jeff I am amazed and in awe. This ABC is great! I'm not a Madonna fan per se, but the lyrics of that song are quite profound. Great idea to have the video, creates movement and encourages repeat visits. I love the fresh style of your ABC too, coupled with great information. Fantastic. Great Job! Dora
 - successrevoutionary February 17th, 2008

"WOW", I been here all day looking and reviewing business centers. Looking at your Business Center, Many things stand out, Flash presentation, the vidio with the lyrics above, just a very well organized Business Center. I like it a lot. Great Work Jeff!!!
 - jfbmarketing February 17th, 2008

Jeff You should have booted my sorry butt for not commenting here sooner LOL Excellent articles and video. Expected nothing less. You posts here make my day. You are always willing to lend a hand and give great advice. Oh did I say you were funny too Good work my friend
 - wenfri January 31st, 2008

Hi Peaceful! Love your Business Center, Jeff You sure have taught me a lot, especially that business does not have to be boring at It's so nice to know YOU!
 - lisagintimates December 14th, 2007

Hi Peaceful, This's a great Business Centre. Particularly like the auction part. Good job - and I like the music too! :-) Shall come back and visit again soon.......... Jean
 - snakesmum November 26th, 2007


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