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How to get good traffic for new social media site like facebook?

Is there anyone who tell me how i gather more traffic for my new social media site like faceBook? Is there any best tools, free or paid or any think that give me good traffic on my site.
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What are some of the emotional moments from Friends?

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How can I generate traffic to my website and make money with clicks?

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What is your favourite junk food?

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How to get free leather buyer list?

Please anyone tell me, how i get free leather buyer or importer list or any website that you suggest me?
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How can I download a movie now a days (In India)?

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How can i monitor my blood pressure ?

Which blood pressure monitor can be the best to measure blood pressure rate without any help of doctor or health consultant ?
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Why bother to connect if you are not open?

There are some members here who don't allow anyone to send them an email thru the system. What purpose is their connection here if they are unwilling to have a conversation. Does anyone else find this...
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What you think canonical tags are Important, 301 stand for? How they are different?

What you think canonical tags are Important, what is 301 redirect? How they are different from each other? Any Idea...
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May I have the guidance please which is the reliable company in selling phone screen?

Individuals want to know the reputed name of the company that sells good quality mobile screen protectors and other accessories.
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