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Will Trump Win Re-Election?

Halfway through the Presidency, do you think he will again? If not, what Democrat do you think will replace him?
52 answer(s).

Where can we link up with more intellectualy motivated people?

The internet has the potential to let us create a more intellectually satisfying world. How can we go about focusing more on the opportunity to create such a world than chasing after all these BS game...
4 answer(s).

Who are the Most Liar People on the Earth?

20 answer(s).

How many gods exist in reality?

Nature unfolds & changes continuously all the time with out any help from ANY gods. Life on earth is a natural development. Humans are a product of natural evolution. They invented many religions & d...
38 answer(s).

I am New YouTuber - VPNGOR. I need help for My Channel, Will AnyOne??

Hi guys, I am a new youtuber. YouTube Policy 2018 says for 4000 WatchHours Time and 1000 Subscribers to Enable for Monetization (to enable channel to get google Ads). I have got 5230 Watch hours. But...
6 answer(s).

Which are the newest social networks?

32 answer(s).

What are you doing on this Valentines Day 2018?

15 answer(s).

What is cryptocurrency?

20 answer(s).

Wish you Happy New Year 2018 to all my friends?

44 answer(s).