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What is the worst pain you ever felt in your lifetime?

5 answer(s).

What would you ban in India if you had a chance?

3 answer(s).

Whom do you support as a new president of India?

4 answer(s).

Is India really changing under PM Modi?

18 answer(s).

What are some OMG facts about India?

10 answer(s).

What is that you don't like about India?

6 answer(s).

What will happen if India and Pakistan go to war?

7 answer(s).

What are a few things you dislike about India?

11 answer(s).

How To Post On My Recent News Tab?

How Do I Post On The Recent News Tab At Apsense
2 answer(s).

Who will responsible for World War III?

7. North Korea 6. Pakistan 5. United Kingdom 4. India 3. The Russian Federation 2. United States of America 1. The People’s Republic of China
7 answer(s).