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What was the first thing you did after a break-up?

10 answer(s).

What do you think about Dating Sites ?

Do you use dating sites? What is your opinion?
9 answer(s).

What song describes your emotions right now?

16 answer(s).

Will you be my Valentine?

5 answer(s).

Who Will Be Your Valentine on 14 Feb?

6 answer(s).

Who wants to build a friendship relationship with me?

All the posts and messages in my inbox is related to business promotion where they just want a profitable business member under them to earn referral commissions. I too have been doing the same. Now ...
10 answer(s).

Do you follow a Religion?

Not trying to start an argument or fight. Just curious about learning about other peoples beliefs. I grew up Christian and later changed my belief to Non-Belief. I think there is a God because of ho...
47 answer(s).

Is it true that Girls Always want Rich Boyfriend?

19 answer(s).

What's the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?

17 answer(s).

Why bother to connect if you are not open?

There are some members here who don't allow anyone to send them an email thru the system. What purpose is their connection here if they are unwilling to have a conversation. Does anyone else find this...
12 answer(s).