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Who is your favorite Bollywood actress? And Why?

Tell me a name of your favorite Bollywood actress and How much you know about her.
6 answer(s).

Which platform provides free advertisement for small businesses?

18 answer(s).

Who will win ICC champion trophy 2017?

19 answer(s).

Do you have a crazy idea for a small website?

5 answer(s).

Do you rent DVDs or stream movies or programs online or through your television?

3 answer(s).

Do you like traditional sports (baseball, basketball, football, soccer) or extreme sports (BMX, Moto?

8 answer(s).

Do you read books in print or electronic format?

15 answer(s).

Do you watch videos online? For what reason(s)?

8 answer(s).

Who will tomorrow India vs Pak?

India Will Win
10 answer(s).

What are the most productive ways to spend time on the Internet?

5 answer(s).