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Does anyone can share a list of article resources where I can post to?

Does anyone can share a list of article resources or guest blog sites where I can post to? My niche is health, medical, biotech, fitness, science related etc.
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Did anyone know the page rank of

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My keywords have disappeared from the top 10?

Google Update 1/8: My keywords have disappeared from the top 10. :( Why???? @@
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Urjent Need Free Guest Blog Site for Beauty Product Content Post?

Hi, anyone please share free guest post blog site url or email id for so i can provide you high quality content and image as your policy.
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How can make article in apsense index faster?

Hello Guys, im newbie here, i dont know what shoud i do to make article index faster?
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How i can create dynamic ads in Adwords and facebook ?

Please help me someone, step by step so i create create Ads
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How do I make my blog post viral?

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What do you think?? Does using coupons save a lot of money?

Checkout the website or which are one of the best coupon websites in India as well as US.
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How to become a certified Google Partners?

I want to become a Google certified partner. What is the process and how much time it needs?
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Can you block specific people from seeing post and paid ads for a business?

Can I stop from a user sharing my ads or seeing them altogether? I have seen abusive FB users from our competitors leave negative comments to hurt our business. Want to stop that.
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