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How can we teach a baby pet ?

help me if you can?
6 answer(s).

Why cats rub see in our legs?

Some times your cat is come rub in your legs do you know way?
16 answer(s).

Would you rather be a dog, cat, or wild animal?

30 answer(s).

Any one of you like birds?

How many of you are fond of birds? Do you have birds at your home or want to tame them?
37 answer(s).

What is Your Favorite Pet/Domestic Animal?

38 answer(s).

Do You Love Domestic Pets?

Are you a pet lover? What is your favorite pet animal?
32 answer(s).

Which animal would you want to be?

37 answer(s).

How many pets do you have and how much money do you spend monthly on them?

79 answer(s).

What's your dog's favorite toy or treat?

dog's favorite toy or treat
13 answer(s).

How does one calibrate Christmas?

11 answer(s).