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Which type of dresses are best for girls?

29 answer(s).

Why sudden Increase in Teenagers Suicide?

Dear Friends, A sudden increase in Teenagers Suicide is seen world over; What do you think are true causes such as:- a. Loneliness; b. Parent Children Decrease communications; and c. Too much Life sus...
42 answer(s).

Do Video Games Make Kids Violent?

28 answer(s).

Is today like national be depressed day orsomething?

Why is everyone so depressed today. Including me .-.
11 answer(s).

Tomboy or Girly-Girl?

I'm definitely a huge tomboy.
14 answer(s).

Why are kids so annoying?

30 answer(s).

Do you let your kids play video games ?

21 answer(s).

One o your favourtes quotes you like most ?

everybody have an ideal in your life ,someone who innovates us to success share those quotes which encourages you most.
19 answer(s).

Do you get your kids involved in your online business?

20 answer(s).

What is your favorite cartoon character?

31 answer(s).