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Should Spacex program continue?

Should Spacex program continue? Some report said its not good for ozone layer. What do you think?
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Which is the Most Polluted City in The World?

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What makes you sad about people living in India?

8 answer(s).

Is India really changing?

9 answer(s).

Do you think climate change is a real phenomenon? Do you think people should shoulder responsibility?

18 answer(s).

Is the sky blue or is it grey?

39 answer(s).

Why do they say GMO Food is Poison?
17 answer(s).

What do you mean "update status"?

11 answer(s).

What is the true value of Money?

Can anyone explain what is the true value of money in today's current markets, and what is it based on?
8 answer(s).

Is this music you could listen to?

Here's the link...
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