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Who is the best thing of life?

1.Relations 2. Money 3 others (Please describe)
45 answer(s).

Why love is painful?

17 answer(s).

What makes a person happy?

Hey, tell me what makes a person happy. Does money alone make a person happy? Or is there something else? Let us discuss.
28 answer(s).

Are you still covered by your parents’ health-care insurance?

19 answer(s).

Do you back up files on your computer and other electronic devices?

7 answer(s).

Do you feel safe using a credit card in a store? Online?

12 answer(s).

How To Remove Burn Marks Out of Carpet?

Yesterday, I was smoking cigarette and suddenly cigarette coal dropped on my carpet and it burnt my new expensive carpet. Burn marks are hardly noticeable, but still, it's not looking good on carpet. ...
5 answer(s).

How many people do you follow on Twitter? Who do you follow—friends/family, celebrities?

4 answer(s).

If You Find Some One With No Food...?

If You Find Some One With No Food And You Have Your Food Ready On The Plate, Are You Capable To Give The Half Of Your Food?
9 answer(s).

Would you drive a hybrid or electric car to save energy?

4 answer(s).