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What you think canonical tags are Important, 301 stand for? How they are different?

What you think canonical tags are Important, what is 301 redirect? How they are different from each other? Any Idea...
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Is Your Website Got Affected with Penguin 4.0?

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Yes or no ,Do you use Safe Lists?

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What tips do you have for promoting your affiliate page?

If you have a sales business where you are selling products through an affiliate page what tips do you offer to get better conversions other than the typical squeeze page?
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What's happening at recyclix?

Just saw this article headline: "Recyclix suspension ordered by Italian securities regulator"....
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What is Google Possum Updates? How to recover my website from this?

Google Announce recent local algorithm update that local SEO experts are calling 'Possum. My website is suffering from Possum. how can i recover it? Please help
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How can I check the number of App installation and Uninstall in Google Analytics?

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Is there any proper free web hosting solution without ads?

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Do you know any website that can publish articles of different topics?

Please share here some of the newest article submission sites that you can recommend. I need it badly for my work. I tried And already recommended it!
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How to create perfect internal linking?

any 1 tell me best internal linking structure for SEO.?
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