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How can I travel around the world without passport?

I'm thinking to travel, but I want to travel without a passport! Is is possible?
5 answer(s).

Who will win in Game of Thrones?

Can anyone guess or ans?
2 answer(s).

How to make money in one night?

Can anyone help me out, Coz I want to be rich....!!!
18 answer(s).

There was a plane crash every single person died. Who survived?

Can anyone answer?
4 answer(s).

Who's the nicest celebrity you've ever met?

7 answer(s).

What do you do whenever you are free ??

How do you spend your free time like you used to visit your friends or read book or whatever you do just comment.
7 answer(s).

What is your latest repeat mode song?

3 answer(s).

Can you define "Love" in one word?

32 answer(s).

Which is best song to sing with out music?

9 answer(s).

What is the dark side of falling in love?

15 answer(s).