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How do you know you are rich?

6 answer(s).

Do you think reality television people should be considered stars?

7 answer(s).

Are you a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fan?

6 answer(s).

Who is your favorite Bollywood actress? And Why?

Tell me a name of your favorite Bollywood actress and How much you know about her.
6 answer(s).

Tell me something about your favorite movie and Why?

Hello Guys !! What are your favorite movies and Why?
3 answer(s).

Which city is better, Bangalore or Delhi?

13 answer(s).

What's the craziest thing you have said to your boss?

2 answer(s).

What makes you, you?

4 answer(s).

Who is the Best Actor in the World?

Hello Guys !!! Who is Your Favourite & Best Actor in the World?
14 answer(s).

What is a motivational movie of Hollywood?

11 answer(s).