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Where can I find details about an online book rental library membership?

I am looking for a best online book rental service provider in India.Plz suggest me to find the right one.
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Do you read books in print or electronic format?

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Who have read the book are ebook “ Think and Grow rich? ”?

It is from Napoleon Hill
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How to find book publisher or author in usa?

We are a self publishing company in India and want to spread our business in USA and UK. If any one who can tell us how we get self publisher, book publisher, ebook book publisher or Authors from USA...
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Has anyone read "The Master Key" by Charles F. Hannel and applied it's principals to their life?

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What Do You Like To Read?

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What's your favorite book ? Recommend for me , ok ?

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Who is your favorite Author?

I am addicted to Geoffrey Deaver and Robert Patterson.
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Which book you like and want read very much?

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What's your favorite book of all time?

Reading the book an active role in the development of the possibilities and see things from Holn
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