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How do share affiliate links with images?

Apart from top 3 social networks,,like facebook, twitter, google plus, which are next for sharing affiliate images, links or text?
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Do you use safelist sites to advertise your business ?

Yes or no and why ?
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Conveyor Basics Details?

conveyor belt conveyor is also called, is a belt conveyor and material plays the role of carrier transport of rubber and fiber, metal composite article, or a composite of plastic and textile products....
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Efficient crusher equipment?

crusher in the course of development, the early impact crusher hammer country are imported overseas crusher equipment accessories mainly, with the domestic economy, technology continues to improve the...
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How To Get Automatic Referrals For Free??

You Want To Know How To Get Automatic Referrals To Any Business You Build & That Too FREE .... Connect With Me To Know How ......
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Hi, I'd like your opinion on this please... only because I think it's plain RUDE!?

What do you think when you get a notification from Facebook that says someone "liked your ad", only to see that they linked their ad to your ad, and they don't even comment on your ad. That's not a l...
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Bitbillions is Scam or not ?

Bitbillions is Scam or not ? Have anyone experience here ?
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Economical production line?

jaw crusher and strive to provide our customers the most reasonable and economical production line, jaw crusher crushing equipment is presented earlier, because of its simple structure, consolidate, r...
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Structure and properties of batch type?

mill processing equipment in sales in the current year has been relatively popular, mill equipment on select still have a lot of know-how Raymond Mill, here I give you a brief introduction about my co...
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How to get more traffic through Social Media?

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