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Do you text using your thumbs?

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My mother has first taught to me
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Which is the best english song of Bruno mars ever?

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Which is better, Jio 309 or Airtel 349 recharge?

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Best platfroms: Quora Vs Iboanswers ?

Where do you like answering questions Quora or Iboanswers ?
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Do you think people share to much information?

Do you think people share to much information on social media?.... I am seeing an increase number of posts, especially on Facebook that make me cringe because they are so personal.. How about you?
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Quora Vs Iboanswers ?

Which one is better Q/A platform ?
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What makes a good leader?

What makes a good leader?
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How do you create a valuable idea in your own mind?

Do you start by asking smart questions of yourself? Do you critically review what goes on in your head, at any time during this process? ... get involved if you are serious abo...
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Can I replace the home buttons of my iPhone 5s?

Mobile home buttons are very sensitive. If these buttons are broken or damaged they need the replacement. Is this replacement possible?
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