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What is Photo 60 Studio ?

Photo 60 Studio is one of the leading photo lab based in Woodbridge, VA offering all types of photo and video services at affordable prices.
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Who can tell me which color is the best for women fashion this year ?

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How to make smocked dress like Babeeni?

I wish to make smocked dress for my daughter's birthday. I have no idea to do hand smocked pattern on my handmade dress
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Who is colour mixing about in Orange colour...?

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When you get kiss , What you feel?

Kiss between love and hate gave us lot meaning
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Would you buy furniture made from pallets?

With free wood for the entrepreneur with handy hands....
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Why we need kisses.................?

lot of kind kisses it cry lot meaning
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Where do you sell your handmade items?

Are you a crafter... Where so you sell your items.... from a website, at a craft show? On Etsy? On Facebook?
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Why we need naked????????????

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Can you draw and do you market it?

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