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What are some things i need to remember in starting my own home base business?

I am looking for a type of check-list because this is my first marketing business.... what were some of the things you found out while you were a newbie.... I been in Sales and Marketing for 25yrs.. ...
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Can i get paid from jss if i'm having two accounts from the same Ip address (I'm using only one)?

I have created a account in just been paid and buy one position but did not work there again..and after few months i have joined the just been paid again from the same IP address with the another emai...
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Which one ptc sites is best for earning?

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Can i convert my Apsense credits to cash ??

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Web site for file sharing (upload,download) to specific email. Do you think it is good idea?

By going to the web site the user will be able to send file/s to the final recipients email. These files will be stored on a server and the user defines the time for the file before it will be deleted...
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Got this comment on a post on my blog. Is this a spam? I think it is...?

Here's the comment: "Reached your website through Reddit. You already know I will be subscribing to your rss." To me, it seems like spam. There's no link at the end, true, but nothing specific about ...
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Can you tell me the difference between APSense and Linkedin?

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Whether the health products sold in online are reliable?

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Facebook and apsense,which is better ?

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Can you Guys suggest me some legit online earning sites?

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