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What is stands for keyword difficulty, Proximity, Density, stemming, streaming?

What is the mean of keyword difficulty, density, proximity, stemming, stuffing, prominence?
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How to Index Article URL Instantly in Google?

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Why female boxers are allowed to wear head gear?

And why not male boxers are not allowed to wear head gear ? Is male boxers are fit enough to sustain the injuries caused in that area?
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Are you facing issues in Skype audio on desktop?

If you are still facing a problem with audio or video quality, you can simply reach the team of technicians via Skype customer care.
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How can i do back links for my blog?

how can I do backlinks for my blog, its Blogspot site
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Tell me Some Latest Update About Incor Carmel Heights?

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How to Increase Facebook Business Page Likes?

Create Facebook Business Page
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How to Fix Skype Sign in Problem?

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What do you think aboui spammers that spam your post with Services for Hire?

I would probably read their stand-alone posts, would you?
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How to Improve Our Keywords Ranking and Traffic?

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