Just Been Paid / JSS Tripler... Ponzi Scam Alert

by Udo Hoffmann Erudite polymath

Just Been Paid / JSS Tripler... Ponzi Scam Alert

Just the other day I wrote an article giving generic facts of what a ponzi is and how it works along with at least 1 example of such a program in operation. The much talked about and promoted JSS Tripler arm of the parent scam "Just Been Paid".

Boy did that ignite a storm of protest and abuse that still has my email box humming.

Today I would like to not only quote the law but provide links to info for the intelligent reader to investigate for themselves.

We describer the legal definition of a Ponzi, how a Ponzi works and showed how JSS fits the description to a T and this alone was not enough for some people.

Let me continue the dissection....

Lets start with the claim of 2% per day... very nice as this makes it a lucrative investment way beyond what you can get at the bank, at a measly 1/2% per MONTH.

But wait... all investment, stocks, bonds, securities and other businesses that deal with investments, interest generating and dividend issues are required by law to be federally regulated by the SEC (security and exchange commission)... where is the SEC sanction? This includes ALL FOREIGN businesses as well if they do business with US citizens.

But the products you say! They are real, I get traffic and downloads etc. Well that is all just smoke and mirrors folks.

eBooks and lousy traffic were deemed ineligible as products by the courts in the famous landmark case of 2007... The United States Vs and 12 DailyPro.

It can also be noted here that 12 Daily Pro is the exact template used by JSS with the percentage and the length of time modified and 12DP WAS convicted of being a Ponzi.

So.....Who runs JBP and JSS? Fredrick Mann, and just who is he?
Well I did a Google search and guess what OVER 5 MILLION results for "Fredrick Mann scam." Well maybe its all just a misunderstanding, I'll bet he is really a nice guy who would never do anything shady, like being involved with "The New World Order".

In JSS he provides a testimonial in the FAQ's of how prior to building JSS he was in the same type of program and was making $5,000+ a week with it. The program was called Adventures4U and was a Ponzi that was closed down in 09.

In 2007 an 08 he endorsed a program called AdSurfDaily (ASD), there too he claimed that the programs plan was capable of performing indefinitely.  In 2009 it too was closed down.  Seems the Secret Service closed it down as an illegal ponzi scheme.

Big Booster, who is that? Well its the front cover company that hides a spiders web of other programs all with Fredrick's finger in the pie. It seems that Just Been Paid is not the main program, along with several others like BuildFreedom it is just another shill feeder for JSS

Whois info....
Bigbooster Ltd
Suite 88
Private Bag X12
Roosevelt Park, 2129
None of the official names for South Africa can be abbreviated to ZA, which is an abbreviation of the Dutch Zuid-Afrika. (South-Africa)... Roosevelt Park is a ritzy suburb just outside of the core of the city of Johannesburg in the province of Gauteng


Administrative Contact:
Mann, Frederick
Suite 88
Private Bag X12
Roosevelt Park, 2129
Technical Contact:
Lindsay, Mark
101 Buckingham Ave
*****hall Park, Gauteng 2196

My next question is not a legal one but one that any curious person might ask, the videos on the site have almost all been removed by YouTube for violating the TOS... why?

I have seen Ophra used as a spokes person yet she has no connection with JSS.
The same holds true for Warren Buffet and even First Officer Spock of the starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701!  Rumors of Charlie Sheen seem to be floating about too.

The use of legal businesses and persons of note is a common practice of scams to create an aura of legitimacy with which to lull the "mark" in. NONE of these people represent or endorse JSS Tripler!

Don't believe me?..go ask them....
Warren Buffet
Officer Spock... Planet Vulcan, some time in the future

Therefore it is the expressed views of the Federal trade commission that the structures identified as Ponzies are illegal and this view is approved and ratified by over 100 countries world wide.

Since the structure of JSS fits the description it is my opinion (yes you heard it here first "my opinion") that JSS is an illegal Ponzi. You know, walks like a Duck, quacks like a ain't no Moose!

But again... don't take my word for it... GO CHECK FOR YOURSELF!

The U.S. Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (frequently abbreviated SEC) is a federal agency which holds primary responsibility for enforcing the federal securities laws and regulating the securities industry, the nation's stock and options exchanges, and other electronic securities markets in the United States. In addition to the 1934 Act that created it, the SEC enforces the Securities Act of 1933, the Trust Indenture Act of 1939, the Investment Company Act of 1940, the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and other statutes. The SEC was created by section 4 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (now codified as 15 U.S.C. ยง 78d and commonly referred to as the 1934 Act).

FTC (Federal Trade Commission) subjects

Pyramid Schemes and Ponzis

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Orlan T. Advanced   data entry specialist
nice article
Nov 2nd 2011 02:06   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
Well Udo, I have always put information from the regulating agencies in front of people and dared them to contact the agencies about these programs. And guess what, in the almost 5 years that I have been an APSense member the people supporting these programs have never taken me up on my challenge. Although we did have an APSense member report one of these programs to the FBI only to find out that the program was firmly on the radar and under active investigation. If you are confident that your program is legal, why hesitate? That is why they come to argue with you, they are not confident of the legitimacy of the program so they will avoid belaboring the point with the agencies that will kill the golden goose and quite possibly slap them with indictments for actively promoting scams especially if they are making money from them.
Nov 2nd 2011 11:28   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
One more point since something as simple as connecting the dots seems to be impossible nowadays. MLM and Network Marketing have plenty of legitimate legal businesses in the industries. But they are in the minority, the scams, ponzis and pyramid schemes vastly outnumber the legitimate companies and the legitimate companies pay the price as they get tarred with the same brush because of the out of control scamming.
Nov 2nd 2011 11:31   
Udo Hoffmann Magnate I   Erudite polymath
But its not just on-line... remember Enron? or how about that guy from MN, Denny Hecker. I have said it before and I'll say it again... "We as humans are NOT rational creatures! We are rationalizing creatures." we make up reasons (excuses) for everything we do or do not do. "This doesn't count", "Nobody will know", "I'm just 1 person"..etc.... but all this is another article yet to come :D
Nov 2nd 2011 12:40   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
You would think the offline incidents would make people more leery. I mean if Bernie Madoff was indicted with all of his Wall Street clout and government connections; the government agencies certainly won't hesitate to go after John Q Public promoting schemes on some social network. And guess what every time the get into a discussion with someone supporting it-let them just keep at it. They are only giving those who will prosecute more ammunition to use against them.
Nov 2nd 2011 13:06   
Maryam H. Junior  Artist
Before I join ,I have been survey at internet.NO ONE said there yet,that The JSS Tripeler are SCAMER.
I hope so for future,and forever,..thanks for all
Nov 6th 2011 00:26   
John Val Advanced   No Excuses
Well I hope they get closed soon the SEC really loves to take all the cash and close the program in a few days poof it is gone then they go after anybody that was on record as making money there and take them all to court to recover the money. All those that have never made a profit but have money in the program get about 2 to 3% of the cash they had in the program back unless the SEC spends it all prosecuting the owners.
This will be interesting to watch go down.
Nov 14th 2011 16:15   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
@sailoffwithme People think that since they did not create it they can't be held accountable. But as you so clearly put it "they go after anybody that was on record as making money there and take them all to court to recover the money." Maybe this will sink in but I doubt it.
Nov 14th 2011 16:23   
Brenda W. Professional   Life Learner
Thanx for the eye-opener. I believe every word of it.
Nov 14th 2011 16:45   
John Val Advanced   No Excuses
If you all ready spent all the money they go after your assets so unless you live in another country I would not play with those scammers!
I been there did that in a program I just got into with $314 and after it was all said and done two years later I got $11.31 cents back.
You have to look at these programs and ask your self were does all that money come from.
Nov 14th 2011 22:10   
Jan M. Magnate I   Free Lancer
Thank You Udo for Your oppinion. I believe the people should listen You and verify by their selfs first and after that that could have a personal oppinion.
Any way, I will try to help more people, at least to read this article and to consider seriously the legal responsability perspective, too .
thank you again
Nov 19th 2011 17:33   
Leonie Easterbrook Senior   Information Services
Unfortunately you are dead wrong Udo. You are using the success of JustBeenPaid to draw and attract attention to your programs at it's expense. Your facts are not valid and therefore you are only digging yourself a grave! I have been in JBP since earlier this year and I am making money and withdrawing is as I need to. It is not a Ponzi scheme because they have valid products for their members. You cannot and should not comment if you haven't actually taken the steps to join and experience the program for your self! you are just going on here say, and that my friend is not the way to go about dogging programs that have helped so many thousands of people live better lives!!!!!!!
Dec 20th 2011 19:54   
Udo Hoffmann Magnate I   Erudite polymath
Leonie... I just posted the facts... the LAW says they are a ponzi ... as you notice I am not promoting anything else... just reporting. If you want to break the law for profit that is your call as for me.... My business ethics are NOT FOR SALE!
Dec 21st 2011 01:52   
Udo Hoffmann Magnate I   Erudite polymath
Two last questions for all those who so adamantly support JSS...... HOW does the fact that YOU have profited from an ILLEGAL activity make it ok? And WHY would you even suggest that I have to break the law in order to know what it illegal?
Dec 21st 2011 02:24   
Leonie Easterbrook Senior   Information Services
And neither is mine Udo, I have sent your claims through to the owner and will respond once I have had a reply! you have no idea about it or how it works so I would suggest you stop slandering and get on with your own business ventures.
Dec 21st 2011 03:28   
Leonie Easterbrook Senior   Information Services
Many thousands are earning incredible incomes from JBP and have been for some time now, we know it is not illegal and that it will be around for years to come, so don't worry about us Udo. We are all succeeding :)
Dec 21st 2011 03:30   
Brenda W. Professional   Life Learner
Udo...thanx for the "wide eye opener." I'm always skeptical about these programs. This makes me take a look at others that I'm involved in. Thanx. Thanx. Thanx.
Dec 21st 2011 07:16   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
Leonie, the ones to confirm the 'legality' would be the FBI, FTC, SEC, State attorney Generals etc. Those are the entities that will prosecute. The Creators of the Dinner Plate program assured people joining that program that is was legal. And yes many people made money off of it. Many of those who made money off of it are the very ones who ended up taking the fall for the program creators who assured them that the program was legal. The creators took the money and ran when the scam was targeted by the authorities.
Dec 21st 2011 09:33   
Udo Hoffmann Magnate I   Erudite polymath
Leonie.. I am tired of people who refuse to pull their head out of their ass! How stupid do have to be to contact the owner of a SCAM to get assurances that its legal...DUH!!!!..... Contact the Australian Federal Police (do you need me to get you the phone number too?)... Believe me or don't believe me... but GO ASK THE LAW for what is and is not legal!
Dec 22nd 2011 01:42   
Leonie Easterbrook Senior   Information Services
I submitted a support ticket to JBP with the link to the Article regarding the claims @Udo Hoffmann has alleged in APsense about JustBeenPaid and the JSS Tripler system being a Ponzi Scheme and the response I received is as follows:

"JBP doesn't have a "US presence." We
have a number of security measures in place. JBP/JSS
is different from a ponzi in that we promise what we
can deliver -- because of the restart feature. We are
indefinitely sustainable. We have other sources of
income. We have no intent to defraud."

@Udo Hoffmann, why don't you pull your head out of your behind and get a clue!!!
Dec 22nd 2011 04:28   
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