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Well, I've been working with internet/affiliate marketing for quite a while.

To say the least, it's been an interesting journey.

Over the years, I've seen all the good, the bad, and the ugly that pursuing income on the world wide web can bring out in people.

I also operate a number of local sites geared towards the greater Pittsburgh region where I live. I run a business directory/classified ad site and a few niche specific sites that target visitors specifically in my area.

I have two primary goals that go hand in hand: ethically making money online and helping others do the same.

Additionally, internet scams(specifically in the HYIP/Ponzi arena) are a hot button topic for me. They do tremendous damage and simply are not the "game" that many ponzi players make them out to be.

I am in the process of an overhaul of my site at which is not a top priority at the moment due to the local work I am doing.

I also operate a blog at where I post reviews, warnings, opinions, and whatever else might pop into my mind. :)

Please don't hesitate to add me as a connection here or contact me anytime.

Cheers to your success.

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  • beproactivenow
  • DotSol
  • Bizzy Shark

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