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Joined APSense since, April 3rd, 2010, From Brisbane, Victoria Point, Australia.
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About Leonie

As a frequent user of the internet, I decided that instead of squandering my valuable time with idle chatter and miss guided surfing, I would try my hand at Online Marketing.

The learning curve has been significant, I find myself becoming more and more confidant in this area, and as a result I'm able to offer those who are just starting out, the coaching or mentoring to set them on the right track.

As a fellow Marketer you will all understand the rewards as well as the loses, the triumphs and the sorrows, the up and the downs etc. Being that I am an ENTP, Myer Briggs, personality type, I am determined and therefore I soldier on no matter what.

During my incredible journey with Online Marketing, I have met some extremely brilliant people. They have helped me to sift through the rubble and find the diamonds, and it is with these diamonds that I find myself growing and prospering. My recent introduction to a business opportunity has changed the way I view marketing online so much so, that I am moving closer to my goal of Firing my Boss.

These are exciting times, I can't stop thinking about how close the dream I have of being fanciful and free is getting.

The journey continues......

Brand Pages Leonie Likes

  • Loveremember
  • Franc Van Boekhold
  • Spacelabs Healthcare
  • Yuka Entertainment
  • Night Goddess Clicks
  • ADSactly
  • Creative Websites and Graphics
  • Palm Tree Ads

Recommendations for Leonie

Edna Davis Advanced  
I have worked with Leonie for about two years or so and know her to be a very detailed and focus oriented marketer. I recommend her for making those valued connections and finding the programs you may want to make money in. She has also become a dear friend and sponsor in many of the programs I have joined. Edna Davis

Recommendation on Haves: Advertising that works
faii acy Magnate I  
Leonie is a true marketing Pro. She understands the importance of driving traffic to your links and can certainly help YOU to be successful as well. She's a jewel, so don't let this opportunity pass you by

Recommendation on Haves: Win Share Traffic
Joshua Harrison Committed  
GET FREE INSTANT ACCESS to the MAKE 500 DOLLARS FAST wealth system - Make 500 Now

Recommendation on Haves: Advertising that works
Angela Walker Advanced  
Hi highly recomend Leonie for any inside knowledge you want to know about legit programs or scams. SHe has a long online experience in internet marketing and is a really true leader. She runs her online business's at her uttmost best. Angela

Recommendation on Haves: Win Share Traffic
Angela Walker Advanced  
Leonie is a fantastic Lady and i am thankful to her for introducing me to network marketing online. I have had tremendous help and guidance with various programs from her.

Recommendation on Experiences: LEED Marketing for Independent Wealth, LEED Marketing

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