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Joined APSense since, March 27th, 2008, From InterNETional, Hungary.
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About Rob

I firmly believe that
"All the knowledge and wealth we may gain in a lifetime are just worthless if we do not use them to make this Planet a much better place for all living beings!"

The above principle is the most dominant one in all of my activities for the past 16 years Online as well, such as
Teamworking on Alleviation of Poverty in the World at ,
Affiliate marketing at ,
Promoting websites via ExTra and GPTchat at EH4U , NWS , TrG and other Free Traffic generating programs ,
Business Networking at FanBox , IBOSocial , MLMSocial , AdLandPro , IMFaceplate and here at APSense,
running and maintaining my websites like InterNETional Classified Ads Gratis and Domain+Hosting Reseller ,
etc. (please see my "Experiences", "Resources" and Business Center for more)
simply because


Thank You for visiting and exploring my profile!
Robert Szabo (Rob aka Cerberus)

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Mike N. Professional  
Excellent profile and products.Keep up the good work.
Neville Dinning Committed Pro  
Rob is an active member at APSense who contributes in many ways to discussions and articles. His supply of highly relevant and thought-provoking quotes from famous people seems to be endless, and it appears there is quote for every occasion. Rob is living up to his professional Headline:- Better World Partisan, by introducing APSense members to a way of showing that we are "a real community of caring business networkers!" in a recent update.

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Anwara Ogbonnaya Advanced  
I think having used this social media for some time that the response so far have been wonderful

Recommendation on Experiences: Independent Reseller, Domain Registration & Website Hosting
Terry Warner Professional  
I have always appreciated Rob's candid answers to questions and his comments. He has turned out to be someone I can count on and it is a privilege to be on APSense with him. He has turned out to be a good on-line friend.

Recommendation on Experiences: Independent Affiliate, AdLandPro Free Worldwide Classifieds
Pulak B. Professional  
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