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Paid Qualification testing on RapidWorkers

Qualification Testing on RapidWorkers is a paid per task gig escrowed by Rapidworkers micro task website.You have to signup first into that page to earn from it. Link to my task will be visible once you signup.This is a 5 cent qualification testing for the future commenting campaigns, it is very sim... Read More

Htile Introduces Revolutionary LED Video Displays into the Market

The LED screen manufacturer Htile has introduced the P3.91 LED video display, a lightweight, portable and customizable LED video display designed for indoor commercial and entertainment applications.“Understanding that our clients often need to relocate their messaging to better serve thei... Read More

M1 Video LED Screen Shines on the Eggnet Event Show in Beijing

HTL, one of the top 5 LED display manufacturers in China, continued its summer streak by supplying over 1500 square meters of LED screen plus control systems across 6 stages and arenas at the Netegg event in Beijing,which is the most important music events show in the capital.It was the larg... Read More

Syoptek International’s Latest Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits Launched with Special Introductory Price

China - Syoptek International, a China based manufacturer of fiber optic tools and cleaning kits, recently launched the latest in their FIP series of products, the FIP-800-D cleaning and inspection kit. The owners said that the newly launched product now comes with a special introductory p... Read More

Looking at The Challenges Faced by Power Transmission Sector in India

Looking at the challenges faced by power transmission company in India, the first thing that tops the list is unavailability of fuel. Although there are alternative sources other than coal, but still more than 50% of the power generation for the next two decades at least is largely dependent on coal... Read More

Online T-shirt Design Tool Benefiting Clothing, Printing And Textile Industries

So as to renovate the custom eCommerce needs productively, we at Biztech have come up with advanced T-shirt design tool which is feature rich and integrated with modern technologies. The tool has been created in Magento to offer ultimate device compatibility with different devices as well as multipl... Read More

Inconel Tube Fittings at Instinox

Inconel tube fittings have excellent resistance to various acids, such as sulfuric, phosphoric, nitric, and hydrochloric acids. Our Inconel tube fittings are also almost completely free from chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking and with a few additions they should be in the coming years. Incon... Read More

Why Use Cargo Dry Paks?

Many goods are transported across countries with the help of shipments and airlines. This mode of transportation requires quite a few numbers of days and it is very important to ensure that during this time period, the packed goods, especially food items, remain fresh and unspoiled. This is wher... Read More

The wood floors in your home can be one of the more costly investments you make towards your home, s

The wood floors in your home can be one of the more costly investments you make towards your home, so you want to ensure that you keep them well maintained to extend their lifespan. There are a number of things that can cause damage to your wood floors and you can reduce the damage by protec... Read More

How a Lean Business Strategy Can Improve Your Profits

For almost every type of business, the main goal is to become more profitable. In order to turn over higher levels of profit, it’s often absolutely necessary for a business to become more efficient. However, even in the most structured of organizations, many workplace processes can become di... Read More