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Hello welcome to It Ecycler Why do we recycle? After a long look at what is needed in the community and how to help the world we decided the best way to help and go green was to recycle. Our goals are to help with a outlet for people who need to find a place to recycle their old and used electronics that don't work or no longer have a use for them. What do we recycle? Outdated obsolete equipment recycling is what we focus on, The technology will not becoming back and storage costs money so the best thing to do is recycle. We recycle just about everything from PC's to toasters and everything else here is a small list: Computers & PCs, Laptops, Servers, Cell Phones, Laser & Ink jet Printers, Monitors/Displays, consumer electronics, circuit boards, components, monitors, televisions, Hard Drives, Photocopiers, motors, car batteries, VCR/DVDs, CD players, Cash Registers,Fax Machines, Telephone Systems, computer network systems, computer cables and wires, Switchboards, Game Systems, Receivers/Scanners, radios, alarm clocks, washers, dryers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, Keyboards, Mice, satellite receivers, satellite dishes, Ipods, cameras, Projectors, PDA's, Storage Devices, ovens, stoves,water heaters, gas heaters and much much more if you can plug it in we can recycle it!

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We accept all kinds of electronics if it plugs into the wall we recycle it. We can pick up locally around Smithfield, Raleigh and the Triangle area if you have a large quantity. We are going to start offering a one day a week pick up for the local area for people with smaller quantity of computers and perennials. Businesses with large amount of electronic waste we can do pick ups for this just email to set up a time. collegerecycle@gmail.com So if you like the idea of going green and have old cell phones power supplies old MP3 player anything small that you can mail you can use the USPS they have mailer boxes with out weight restrictions pack them full of everything you have to recycle and send them to: IT Ecycler 3595 Cleveland road Smithfield NC 27577 We also offer data destruction service you can ship us your hard drives and we will disassemble them and remove the platters (disks inside) and shred them into tiny pieces then ship them shredded pieces to a smelter for metal recovery protecting you and greening the environment. by using recycled aluminum. For digital proof please write your name on the Hard Drive and we will send you a digital photo of your Hard Drive with the platters shredded there is a 3.00$ charge for this service per Hard Drive.