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Joined APSense since, December 21st, 2010, From CARANSEBES, Romania.
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Hi Surfers, Online Marketers,

I Am Jan, aka earnwithjan. One of my first wish, originated in my childhood, was to fly and I still like to fly, but unfortunately I am retired, I used to be an helicopter pilot.
Now I am living in Romania in a wonderful mountain region, from west side country.
So, I have time and I monetize it!

In few words I could say that ...
I like to learn new things.

With a positive attitude, You can help People. Helping others is helping yourself, about being objective when have to release judgements and so on.

Also, I Can Say that Before Promote Something, I test my self,first.

Every time I find an answer to this question
"How Much Profit Will I Make?" I recommend that Business.

My recommendations are :

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TO OUR SUCCESS, earnwithjan.goldenlion26 SKYPE

Jan Moraru
0040744168112 1600 to 1700 GMT

Have a nice and FREE run!

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Suhas Sajgure Magnate I  
Jan is a wonderful man and very cooperative. He is always help you.
Mira Grecu Advanced
A great marketer....awesome friend.Great programms ,great branding...
Simo Vanio Committed
nice site good work great program to earn money is easy and simple fast earning good luck

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Mirela Tushe Senior  
Jan M. Magnate I freelancer 1,226 connections, 43 recommendations, 5,038 honor points. Joined APSense since, December 21st, 2010, From CARANSEBES, Romania.

Recommendation on Experiences: EASY SIMPLE Moneymaking and Team Building System, All in One PROFITS
Carmen sofia Malinescu Professional  
Jan is a good friend a professional,honest,trustful,internet marketer,dependable and believe in helping others online or offline

Recommendation on Experiences: EASY SIMPLE Moneymaking and Team Building System, All in One PROFITS

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