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Joined APSense since, December 21st, 2010, From CARANSEBES, Romania.
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About Jan

Hi Surfers, Online Marketers,

I Am Jan, aka earnwithjan. One of my first wish, originated in my childhood, was to fly and I still like to fly, but unfortunately I am retired, I used to be an helicopter pilot.
Now I am living in Romania in a wonderful mountain region, from west side country.
So, I have time and I monetize it!

In few words I could say that ...
I like to learn new things.

With a positive attitude, You can help People. Helping others is helping yourself, about being objective when have to release judgements and so on.

Also, I Can Say that Before Promote Something, I test my self,first.

Every time I find an answer to this question
"How Much Profit Will I Make?" I recommend that Business.

My recommendations are :

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Jan Moraru

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Recommendations for Jan

Teodor Muntean Professional  
I know Jan from Apsense for many years now and have been very pleased to cooperate with him in different online projects in cluding hte new Primus Hub business in wich I have invested some money and it seems to be a reliable business. If you need to learn about marketing online, do not hesitate to contact Jan as he might give you a good advice. Success and all the best, Jan!
Elitel O. Senior  
Jan Moraru is a good free Lancer. We became friends on the term of trust, therefore, I do not have anything that should make me not to recommend him to anyone who might like to do business with him.
Diana Dimitrova Committed  
x100k is good oportunity to earn money online start for free join today make money fast and simple good luck on all

Recommendation on Experiences: You NEVER Lose YOUR PRO!, X100K - STRATEGY
Udo Hoffmann Magnate I  
In the time I have known Jan I have found him to be an astute man with a critical eye to making things run smoothly and efficiently. He is never to proud to ask questions if he does not have the answer and is always happy to help those in need. I can not ask for a better friend and associate to be in business with. -Udo
Teodor Muntean Professional  
I know Jean from Apsense since long time ago. We never meet even if we live in the same country, but we did a lot of online biz knowledge exchange and share. Jean is choosing carefully the programs to join.

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