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Joined APSense since, December 21st, 2010, From CARANSEBES, Romania.
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I am a freelancer at MOBZOID => http://cl.aioptk.com/tba
Currently living in Caransebeș, Romania.

My interests range from internet marketing to work-from-home.

I am also interested in online marketing, shop and reviews, and online opportunities.

You can click the button on my site bellow to sign up for my newsletter.

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through our Chat feature.

I Have A Simple Question for You:

If YES, just watch this http://cl.aioptk.com/xr9

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Atiqul islam Rocky Advanced  
Jan this man is really a great intelligent ma. Wish him all the best

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Dave Hayes Senior  
Hi Jan, Looking at your profile, I found it interesting. I always look at peoples experiences and resources, as these are two areas, I look for when adding people to my network. You have some good resources, especially the building on a budget one. You may like to try Mike Dillards building on a budget book, its a resource I have used with great ssucess over the years and one that has definately benefitted my business.

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Steven A. Donaldson Magnate II Premium
I would like to recommend Jan as one of the more reliable APSense members. He always posts great material that is well worth the read!

Recommendation on Experiences: EASY SIMPLE Moneymaking and Team Building System, All in One PROFITS
Christine Primm Advanced  
Jan is a wonderful man. If you join his programs he will be there to help you.
Heriyanto Jamal Senior
Jan is skilled in many areas related to Online Network Management. He is also a team player and has a very strong work and service ethic.

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