Just Been Paid / JSS Tripler... Ponzi Scam Alert

by Udo Hoffmann Erudite polymath

Just Been Paid / JSS Tripler... Ponzi Scam Alert

Just the other day I wrote an article giving generic facts of what a ponzi is and how it works along with at least 1 example of such a program in operation. The much talked about and promoted JSS Tripler arm of the parent scam "Just Been Paid".

Boy did that ignite a storm of protest and abuse that still has my email box humming.

Today I would like to not only quote the law but provide links to info for the intelligent reader to investigate for themselves.

We describer the legal definition of a Ponzi, how a Ponzi works and showed how JSS fits the description to a T and this alone was not enough for some people.

Let me continue the dissection....

Lets start with the claim of 2% per day... very nice as this makes it a lucrative investment way beyond what you can get at the bank, at a measly 1/2% per MONTH.

But wait... all investment, stocks, bonds, securities and other businesses that deal with investments, interest generating and dividend issues are required by law to be federally regulated by the SEC (security and exchange commission)... where is the SEC sanction? This includes ALL FOREIGN businesses as well if they do business with US citizens.

But the products you say! They are real, I get traffic and downloads etc. Well that is all just smoke and mirrors folks.

eBooks and lousy traffic were deemed ineligible as products by the courts in the famous landmark case of 2007... The United States Vs and 12 DailyPro.

It can also be noted here that 12 Daily Pro is the exact template used by JSS with the percentage and the length of time modified and 12DP WAS convicted of being a Ponzi.

So.....Who runs JBP and JSS? Fredrick Mann, and just who is he?
Well I did a Google search and guess what OVER 5 MILLION results for "Fredrick Mann scam." Well maybe its all just a misunderstanding, I'll bet he is really a nice guy who would never do anything shady, like being involved with "The New World Order".

In JSS he provides a testimonial in the FAQ's of how prior to building JSS he was in the same type of program and was making $5,000+ a week with it. The program was called Adventures4U and was a Ponzi that was closed down in 09.

In 2007 an 08 he endorsed a program called AdSurfDaily (ASD), there too he claimed that the programs plan was capable of performing indefinitely.  In 2009 it too was closed down.  Seems the Secret Service closed it down as an illegal ponzi scheme.

Big Booster, who is that? Well its the front cover company that hides a spiders web of other programs all with Fredrick's finger in the pie. It seems that Just Been Paid is not the main program, along with several others like BuildFreedom it is just another shill feeder for JSS

Whois info....
Bigbooster Ltd
Suite 88
Private Bag X12
Roosevelt Park, 2129
None of the official names for South Africa can be abbreviated to ZA, which is an abbreviation of the Dutch Zuid-Afrika. (South-Africa)... Roosevelt Park is a ritzy suburb just outside of the core of the city of Johannesburg in the province of Gauteng


Administrative Contact:
Mann, Frederick
Suite 88
Private Bag X12
Roosevelt Park, 2129
Technical Contact:
Lindsay, Mark
101 Buckingham Ave
*****hall Park, Gauteng 2196

My next question is not a legal one but one that any curious person might ask, the videos on the site have almost all been removed by YouTube for violating the TOS... why?

I have seen Ophra used as a spokes person yet she has no connection with JSS.
The same holds true for Warren Buffet and even First Officer Spock of the starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701!  Rumors of Charlie Sheen seem to be floating about too.

The use of legal businesses and persons of note is a common practice of scams to create an aura of legitimacy with which to lull the "mark" in. NONE of these people represent or endorse JSS Tripler!

Don't believe me?..go ask them....
Warren Buffet
Officer Spock... Planet Vulcan, some time in the future

Therefore it is the expressed views of the Federal trade commission that the structures identified as Ponzies are illegal and this view is approved and ratified by over 100 countries world wide.

Since the structure of JSS fits the description it is my opinion (yes you heard it here first "my opinion") that JSS is an illegal Ponzi. You know, walks like a Duck, quacks like a ain't no Moose!

But again... don't take my word for it... GO CHECK FOR YOURSELF!

The U.S. Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (frequently abbreviated SEC) is a federal agency which holds primary responsibility for enforcing the federal securities laws and regulating the securities industry, the nation's stock and options exchanges, and other electronic securities markets in the United States. In addition to the 1934 Act that created it, the SEC enforces the Securities Act of 1933, the Trust Indenture Act of 1939, the Investment Company Act of 1940, the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and other statutes. The SEC was created by section 4 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (now codified as 15 U.S.C. § 78d and commonly referred to as the 1934 Act).

FTC (Federal Trade Commission) subjects

Pyramid Schemes and Ponzis

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Agris Cesnieks Advanced   NETWORK ADMIN
JBP is a classic pyramid where profit is derived from the new members. Sooner or later it's all over. This program will benefit those who profit begun in the past and of course the owners. Thousands of people will lose a lot of money. I think that it is a criminal operating. Are you sure there is no organization that monitors such activity
Apr 28th 2012 21:55   
Alvin Joseph Advanced  Business Builder
Go suck an egg !!!!!!!!!!!!
May 28th 2012 18:08   
Jess von W. Innovator   consultant
they are still paying ^_^
Jun 26th 2012 03:54   
VIN N. Junior  Web Designer
My question for few thousands of JBP members out there is can you show me the SECURE login & signup page. How JBP protect my password and money in the account?

People, can you hear now! JBP website is INSECURE.

I tried to signup, but when I see the website is insecure. I'm shock.
Where is the Customer Support phone and email?

Someone please SHUT DOWN JBP.
Jun 28th 2012 14:09   
Udo Hoffmann Magnate I   Erudite polymath
UPDATE:- On a May 24th conference call Frederick Mann, the purported operator of JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid, acknowledged that the program that advertises a return of 60 percent a month is not registered with regulators. The acknowledgement, which puts promoters worldwide at risk of being drawn into both civil and criminal prosecutions for selling unregistered securities and participating in a global financial conspiracy, occurred near the tail end of a call that lasted nearly an hour and a half. A caller who identified himself as “Brian” from California asked Mann straight out if JSS/JBP was “legally registered.”

“You may have it backward,” Mann replied. “If you are legally registered, then you’ve signed up to be a slave, part of the slave system, and then they have jurisdiction over you and can shut you down.” Asked by a caller if JSS/JBP had lawyers to protect itself, Mann said this:

“Typically, lawyers are part of the slave system.”

Mann speculated that the government could fire “cruise missiles” to take out a building in the Netherlands “where our servers are.”
This is the psychopathic con artist and people you are being scammed by if you are part of JBP/JSS...WAKE UP FOLKS!
Jun 29th 2012 12:18   
Jess von W. Innovator   consultant
i got paid since march 2011 ^_^
Jul 2nd 2012 21:41   
Stuart C. Innovator  Internet Entrepenaur (or something)
It's not that you are wrong, reading through the JBP blurb they talk about similar schemes collapsing all over the place, that theirs is sustainable blah, blah, blah and to be honest it probably will collapse eventually but who knows. Rising in their defense ... sort of, I will say that if you know what you are getting into and can afford to loose a bit of money should it go wrong and knowing what it is then you can't complain that you were ripped!

This, after all is the same as the stock market, you know shares can go up as well as down ... to zero sometimes. Options, future commodities, the same, all gambling all "ponzi" like insomuch that confidence is all there is half the time. Lets move on to very respectable financial institutions with their PPI's and un-trackable re-assurance systems, sub-prime mortgages, panic crashes, oh the list is seemingly endless. Even with regulation and contracts you can still get ripped, the big guys don't even bother to run away when it all goes wrong, they just mutter under their breath whilst they dream up something else. Now, shall I move on to other companies and government shenanigans or are you getting the gist of it. I could also go for the property market.

Anyway, my point is, there are many schemes legal and "respectable" and not legal and not respectable to rip you off. The difference is often just a rubber stamp. The real difference is whether and for how long the purveyor pays out, keeps up their end of the bargain, whatever!

Now let's say I had £20 million, I could afford to lose £5 million if I knew I was going to make £10 million profit elsewhere with an overall £5 million profit couldn't I. This is the advantage of having a lot of disposable income, it's easier to get richer when you are already rich, everyone knows that.

So, if JBP, in this case are paying out and you know what you are getting into (and they are fairly upfront about this) then you do or you don't get involved in it. Will people who don't understand it get ripped off, possibly, people who don't understand what they are doing often get ripped off, that's the world we live in, it ain't fair but it is true.

Some people get involved in stuff, don't work the system, don't make any money and then cry about it, what did they expect, money just shoved through their letter box?

If JBP have found away of distributing re-circulated money to people who haven't got much money for a good while then that's more than most governments would ever do.

I find most "extreme" sceptics whinge a lot and never do anything and this blog is very whingy. A positive attitude will take you farther!

Now I brace myself for the impact ...

Jul 4th 2012 10:29    Edited in Jul 4th 2012 10:37
Udo Hoffmann Magnate I   Erudite polymath

Stuart you are correct about the "rubber stamping" of things... but that is just it...
If it is rubber stamped it is legal..if not it is a crime. Lets say your flying down the M5 at 150k per hour driving an ambulance... your legal. Do the same thing with your own car and it is a whole different story.

I have looked globally for legal investment opportunities and the best on I can find at the moment is a guaranteed return of 25% PER ANNUM underwritten by the government of Great Briton. Cost is 1 million pounds just to be able to invest in it and a minimum investment of 30 million pounds.

Now.... its legal, government backed, and guaranteed but can only offer 25% per annum exactly how do you propose that a slick, racist, snake oil salesman can offer you a 50% return in 60 days and do it LEGALLY?

How can you suggest that non compliance with the law (rubber stamping) is ok just because you can make some money from it? Here in the USA, knowingly partaking in a ponzi scheme can get you put into jail for 20 years... how much is that worth?

This is not rocket science, it is just uncommon sense!
Jul 6th 2012 12:03   
Stuart C. Innovator  Internet Entrepenaur (or something)
You can swap "impact" for "reply" if you like.

Is an ambulance driver in an ambulance more safe than someone in a Mercedes SLK 500 at 150k?

I think it's "Great Britain"

I don't know enough about Fredrick Mann to hurl that kind of accusation at him. It always troubles me when someone is white South African but it's not fair to tar them all with same brush. I will have to take a rain check on the racist aspect. Slick he ain't I listened to a call recording and seen his photo, slick doesn't apply, shabby is more accurate.

Rubber stamping is often what is done to make something a bit dodgy or not right legal. You could probably spend 100 lifetimes picking out instances of this.

It's not legal in the US or the UK, I'll assume it's not legal in most other developed countries either, I don't know where JBP is based or the legality of it there. Some things that are legal in the US may not be legal here in the UK. Even within the US, Nevada for example and their gaming laws, capital punishment is legal in some states and not others. What is "legal", what is "moral" ... a set of agreements by a group of people (often large), approved, written and enforced (not always enforced).

So what should I do, join a legal "ponzi" or an illegal "ponzi" (I use the word "ponzi" loosely here).

I put a fair bit of money into some ISA's 20 years ago and have changed their funds 3 times with advice from an IFA and what have they done ... nearly nothing, and that's "legal" and government backed, like the elitist scheme you mention above. I was ripped with a 50 foot rubber stamp.

Like I said it is not that you are not wrong it is more a question of knowing what you are getting into, caveat emptor etc. No it's not legal in the US of that we can be sure, lots of dodgy things are though, your completely bonkers and significantly corrupt private health system for a start but I digress.

I haven't studied JBP customer relations so cannot comment but what has the experience of the people who are participating in JBP been so far? Is it good or bad, speculation I think is mostly what we have at the moment.

We disapprove of murder, war, torture etc but judging by the number of horror films and the like consumed you have to wonder where people's heads are really at!

The keyword is hypocrisy. I am not interested in defending JBP as such but I am attempting to make a point.

Oh, yes, one last thing, legal does not necessarily equal moral and possibly vice versa.
Jul 18th 2012 10:03   
Udo Hoffmann Magnate I   Erudite polymath
Very true Stuart. Government rubber stamping does not make something a good deal, moral or ethical. A person can be robbed blind by the government just as easily (or even easier in some cases) than by a gun totting thug.

As for Fredrick... he is only LIVING in Johannesburg South Africa, he is actually an expatriated AMERICAN... sorry no tar brushes here.

I should be careful with the term racist as it applies only to his association with "The New World Order"... "Anarchist" would be more applicable but that in of itself is not a bad thing.

My bone of contention here is not that Fredrick Mann is a bad person but that the program he created is a rob Peter to pay Paul scheme and he (to use his own words) is playing the role of the TYRANT. via his cut of every transaction.

It is easy.. Caveat Emptor... this is a ponzi scheme and will collapse in due course or be shut down via the authorities ... to suggest it is a legitimate business or a income for life is not only false but ludicrous.
Jul 18th 2012 15:59   
Stuart C. Innovator  Internet Entrepenaur (or something)
Yes, it may be that but at least you can see what it is which is more than you can say about the banks and what they did to us which was not that dissimilar ... sad isn't it!

I know of at least 3 regular businesses that went into administration to dump debt, start up another company buying all the assets of the liquidated company and carry on as if nothing much happened. All legal and above board (not very moral though). A common practice actually and one that makes business constantly nervous. Most of the time this was triggered by bad debts from customers or even fraud. Alas, a chain of business misery.

In conclusion, it's a grey homogeneous mass of uncertainty half the time legit or not. It's a bit like the Monty Python's sketch "What did the Romans ever do for us ...".
Jul 30th 2012 10:23   
Udo Hoffmann Magnate I   Erudite polymath
Your not one of those knights who goes "Neep are you?... lol
Jul 30th 2012 11:09   
Stuart C. Innovator  Internet Entrepenaur (or something)
Well, actually ...

yes ... I am (watch out for the rabbit too)
Jul 30th 2012 11:12   
Udo Hoffmann Magnate I   Erudite polymath
With fang's like this.. I I ....... :Þ
Jul 30th 2012 12:17   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
Well, it's funny to read the comments from people who defended JSS here, after seeing a current discussion about ProfitClicking ( the new name for JSS ) where people start to wonder if it could be a scam
Nov 23rd 2012 06:54   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
Just to let everyone know, the first link in Udo's article doesn't work anymore, it was changed for this:

Udo, when you get a chance, you might want to edit your article, as you can see, some people use it as reference :)
Nov 23rd 2012 07:11   
Todd Perry Committed Deluxe Honest ways
It really just amazes me how many people just like to scam others just to make a buck.
People need to take the blinders off and wake up. Try a real business that is legal, sure it might take longer to make the money, but you will make more in the long run.

Stop being Lazy
Nov 23rd 2012 11:17   
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