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About Udo

Udo Hoffmann is co-founder of MidasTouchMediaGroup, an enterprise dedicated to helping the Home business Entrepreneur become successful and financially independent. I have over 40 years of marketing experience both off and online. I am the resident article writer for, "The 24 Karat Marketer Ezine" as well as freelance contributor to many other publications.

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  • logoonlinepros
  • DotSol
  • Online Robotic Stock Trader
  • The 24KaratMarketer Ezine
  • The Primus Report

Recommendations for Udo

Elizabeth Ratnik Senior  
Udo writes very insightful articles regarding personal development and language skills such as the different types of expressions.
Chrish Brown Advanced
He is good Entrepreneur and perfect in business.He has years of experience.

Recommendation on Experiences: Team manager, JoyToLive
Oswald Rodrigues Professional  
Udo is an experienced marketer and very knowledgeable. Michelle says he is a wonderful mentor and an awesome husband. You better listen to her! He is an encyclopaedia of USEFUL knowledge, so don't listen to him, Michelle. Above all, he looks great in a hat.
Manoj Prasad Committed  
You are a very stable person and definitely someone who helps!
Marianne Fink Senior
Hello, your name sounds German. Emigrated by the profession?. Lol In any case, good luck. Marianne

Recommendation on Experiences: Co Founder, Midas Touch Media Group

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