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Udo Hoffmann is co-founder of MidasTouchMediaGroup, an enterprise dedicated to helping the Home business Entrepreneur become successful and financially independent. I have over 40 years of marketing experience both off and online. I am the resident article writer for, "The 24 Karat Marketer Ezine" as well as freelance contributor to many other publications.

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  • LexingtonComputerSupport
  • logoonlinepros
  • DotSol
  • Salt Air Therapy
  • Online Robotic Stock Trader
  • The 24KaratMarketer Ezine
  • The Primus Report

Recommendations for Udo

Oswald Rodrigues Committed  
Udo is an experienced marketer and very knowledgeable. Michelle says he is a wonderful mentor and an awesome husband. You better listen to her! He is an encyclopaedia of USEFUL knowledge, so don't listen to him, Michelle. Above all, he looks great in a hat.
Leonie Easterbrook Senior  
It is always a good thing to be able to connect with like minded people and having connected with Udo only a few short weeks ago, I can already see that he has the potential to be someone I will be watching very closely. I have already joined him in one of his programs which turned out to be 2 after the original sign up, so I shall be exploring these 2 new acquisitions to see what benefits they provide and if they do well I shall be sharing them with my contacts. Thanks Udo
Manoj Prasad Committed  
You are a very stable person and definitely someone who helps!
Jan M. Magnate I  
Udo is a very reliable person...Udo has the ability to maintain a moral, a spiritual and intellectual position firmly. He Inspire me and Give me strenght.

Recommendation on Experiences: Co Founder, Midas Touch Media Group
sohrab shah Committed  
u have a nice knowledge i expect many to learn from u

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