Boruto Manga: Sasuke Gets a Heartbreaking Mission

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Isshiki Ōtsutsuki after taking over Jigen’s body, defeats Kara’s traitor, Koji Kashin. But he has some other goal to focus on, as he wishes to get hold of the perfect vessel that is fitting for his rebirth, and that would be Kawaki. This pursuit of his brings him to Konoha but this time things are different since he has never been this strong ever before. As Naruto has gone in search of Isshiki to fight him on his own, Sasuke comes up with a plan. But this mission of his is unlike others since he faces the most heartbreaking task of his life. 

Isshiki tries to use his  Byakugan sight to spot Kawaki, but to no avail. So he starts destroying the village in the hope that the damage will make Konoha surrender the young ninja to him. But Naruto has different plans as he surprises the villain and goes head to head against him. It is evident the Hokage isn’t planning on giving up the young shinobi without a fight. 

Sasuke is well aware that Jigen was able to push him and Naruto to their limits, so he plots for the worst-case scenario. When he sees that Isshiki is able to overwhelm the likes of Kaguya and Madara easily, he tells Boruto that he can join him if he wants. Boruto is surprised to know that his mentor trusts him so much. Even though his father, Naruto, has told him to stay away from such matters. All of this transpires as Shikamaru and Amado hide away from Kawaki.

Surprisingly, Sasuke motivates Boruto to fight Momoshiki and Kinshiki, which means he believes that Boruto has the potential even to surpass his father. Boruto is asked by him to use the Karma mark to get hold of Momoshiki’s powers but if it backfires and Boruto fails to control it. He might lose control to the point that Momoshiki can take possession of his body.

Sasuke tells Boruto to do it and lets him know that if he fails, he will do what his father can’t – kill the young shinobi. Boruto is a little surprised, but he is well aware of the importance of their plan. So, with trust in his mentor, Boruto agrees, reassured by the fact that Sasuke will kill the ninja if the possession does not go as planned.

It is interesting to see that Sasuke has taken such a big decision with the consent of Boruto’s father and since Naruto had told Boruto to stay away, it doesn’t seem he would be happy with what they have planned. If Momoshiki succeeds in getting possession of Naruto’s body, it can get worse since no one knows where the loyalties of the alien lie. But regardless of all the risk Boruto and Sasuke are going ahead with their risky plan. It seems for Sasuke Konoha and the alliance much more than the safety of Boruto, which is not good since it would be wrong to sacrifice a young ninja for the greater good.

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Source:- Boruto Manga: Sasuke Gets a Heartbreaking Mission

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