Boruto: The Predicament of Sakuya’s Killers

by mary Watson Writer

Boruto anime has been a sincere critique of the five great nations who had formed the alliance during the Fourth Great Ninja War. It was said that peace had prevailed once the war was over, but we are constantly confronted with facts that say otherwise. Although it was true that the major nations were indeed benefitted from the war, the smaller nations suffered immensely. What makes it even worse is the fact that the sacrifices made by people of smaller nations were never really recognized, and they lead a miserable life in the post-war world. The neglect of major nations has given opportunities to villains who have used abandoned villages to use them to run their shady business and experiments.

Boruto’s Team 7 meets the Hidden Cloud ninjas in the Land of Silence. Since three thieves have stolen Hashirama Cell and framed Boruto as Sakuya’s murderer, Boruto’s Team 7 searches for them. The purple-haired thieves have left breadcrumbs behind them, but when Team 7 follows it, they meet their leader, Omoi. When they tell Omoi that they are looking for the purple-haired thieves, he tells them that he too is looking for them. 

 The thieves turn out to be very skilled shinobi who specialize in poisoning techniques. They have murdered diplomats for which Omoi wants to bring them to justice to ensure that rule of law is upheld. But Omoi is informed by Boruto that they are even more dexterous than he thinks since they can shapeshift using transformation techniques. Omoi is shocked to find this out since he knows how dangerous the three ninjas can be, and if they succeed in using the Hashirama Cell, it will be disastrous.

 The three mysterious thieves are now on their toes ever since they lost their sibling. Yūga decides to stay back when they realize that the people chasing them will soon catch up with them. But there is more to the story than what appears on the surface. It is revealed that these ninjas belonged to a land that was devastated by the Great War. They are not stealing Harshirama’s Cell for their greed, but they want to raise funds for their people back home. All of their efforts are made to ensure that they can somehow get enough money to cover up the medical expenses of the oppressed and the needy.  There is also a possibility that the DNA can be used to cure the sick and wounded. Yūga’s decision to stay back isn’t just about his wish to avenge his brothers, but for him, it is the stand that he takes for the people of his land who have suffered in numerous ways. Their methods may be unjustifiable, there is no doubt about that, but it is completely understandable what has moved them to take such drastic measures.

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Source: Boruto: The Predicament of Sakuya’s Killers

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