The Boruto Manga Failed Kawaki

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Kawaki appeared to be one of the most promising characters in Boruto Manga, and it won’t be wrong to say that he might have just become its most important character if the consistency in his characterization is sustained. He had challenged Naruto’s son Boruto, left Konoha in ruins and even killed Naruto in one of the flash-forwards. The story then takes a turn as Kawaki is shown as Isshiki, the merciless Alien’s vessel. Irrespective of how the Manga had been portraying him as a potential villain, in the latest chapter all of the buildups appear to amount to nothing as he is proven to be just a misused plot device. This isn’t very reassuring for some of the fans who expected much more out of his character.

In the last few chapters, Kawaki hasn’t been up to much as he strolls around Konoha with nothing meaningful to occupy his time. Since the franchise prefers to keep his old memories irresolute and mysterious, he doesn’t really ever make into his own character even though he does spend time with other characters and trains with them. Isshiki was supposed to reincarnate as Kawaki, but after he chose Naruto’s family, there hasn’t been any significant character advancement. Since Naruto has put his life in danger to save him, one does expect the Manga to give him an important role to play, however disappointingly that doesn’t happen as he comes off as a wannabe Sasuke.

Kawaki’s character surprisingly takes a backseat, after his Karma mark is removed as Koji Kashin successfully draws out Isshiki. His return to Konoha proves to be disastrous for his character as he is sidelined afterwards. He appears to be just a Karma seal since he had no training as a proper ninja; this seems like a grave injustice to a promising character with a lot of potential. Even in the fight between Isshiki and the trio of Boruto, Naruto and Sasuke, we see that Kawaki plays no role when he could have played an essential part. Even though his Karma mark is now gone, if Kawaki was given the due importance and made a part of Team 7, his character would not have become insignificant all of a sudden. 

Kawaki plays a very inconsequential role, and most of the time that he is involved it appears that his part is monotonous. Since he has remained aloof from most of the ninjas, there is an emotional barrier between the rest of the ninjas and him as he is protected by the people around him. Kawaki is never really given the time to build relationships with other characters on the show, and he appears robotic most of the time. The chemistry is just not there, and no matter how hard the Manga tries to make something of his character, it usually doesn’t resonate with the fans.   

When Sasuke was a young teen, and he felt apprehensive at least, he had the sort of personality to go with it, but that is not the case with Kawaki. Unfortunately, he has been dealt a bad hand by the creators who failed to make his personality come out sufficiently enough to help create an understanding between him and the fans. It is understandable that Boruto is given more importance. Since he is going to come after him again if the right approach has been made towards his characterization, it might have increased the gravity of the war and made fans appreciate it more. The Manga surely did miss a trick there. 

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