Self Defence Tips Every Women Should be Aware Of

by Rohit Bhaskar Event Planner

The world, even with all the luxuries and inventions the 21st century brings, can be a scary place. Ask any woman returning home late in the night or traveling in an overcrowded bus or even wearing a revealing dress and they can tell you. In this case and certain instances, you are alone and the only thing you can truly come to rely on is yourself and your presence of mind. Given this scenario, it is important to know a few self defence tips and tricks so at least you have peace of mind knowing that you can defend yourself when push comes to shove. Here are a few of these essential tips you need to know about.


Do cardio regularly

The better shape you are in , the more likely you are to escape a sticky situation and just run away. After all, if you want to be capable enough to run away in an emergency, you need to be able to do so. If you get out of breath soon, your attacker can easily catch up with you. This is something you do not want so be sure to include cardio to your regular workout.


If an attacker attacks you while standing

If someone attempts to push you into a car, against a wall, or even in a dark alley, you can safeguard yourself. What you need to do is use your legs. Drive your weight forward on your front leg. Use your back leg as a doorstopper. Lean into your attacker who is pushing you. Once you do this, yell for help. This ensures you can stay upright even if you shuffle back a little.


Pay attention to his thumbs

If an attacker grabs you by the wrist and attempts to drag or pull you to a place you do not want to go, just pay attention to his hands. Remember, the grip and fist are the weakest at the place the fingers meet the thumb. If the thumb of your attacker is pointing upwards, pull upwards. If it is downward, yank down, or if it is facing right, pull to the right. If you follow the thumb rule, you can make a fast and clean break.


The hammer strike

One of the easiest ways you can defend yourself is by using your car keys. Refrain from using your fingernails as you can injure your hands in the bargain. If you are walking alone at night, have your keys stick out from one side of your fist so that you can perform the hammer strike. All you have to do is hold your keyring in a tight fist, just the way you would hold a hammer. See that your keys are extending from the side of your hand. Then, thrust downward towards your attacker.


The heel palm strike

Another women self defence move is the heel palm strike. This move results in damage to the nose and throat. See that you can get in front of your attacker for this strike. Then, with your dominant hand, flex your wrist. See that you aim for the nose of the attacker. Jab upward from the nostrils. You can also jab under the attacker’s chin. Jab upward at the throat. See that you recoil your strike. To do this, pull your arm back swiftly. This thrusts the attacker’s head up and back. When they fall back, you can make your escape.


The kick in the groin

This is the most common women safety pose. It can have enough power to paralyze your attacker. This means you can escape easily. First off, keep yourself steady as much as possible. Then, lifting your dominant leg off the ground, start to drive your knee upward. Stretch the dominant leg, drive your hips forward, and lean back a bit. After this, kick with all your might. See that you make contact between your lower shin or ball of your foot as well as the groin area of the attacker. If your attacker is too close, push your knee towards the groin. See that you are stable and do not fall over.


So there you go. Keep these tips in mind and you are sure to give your attacker a run while they regret messing with you. 

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