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Burning Out and Self Development Coaches

Some people may have a lot of notions about depression or the blues, or may have perceived it as something romantic, owing to the mythical stories about it, which has its kindred spirit with passionate love. Though depression is a serious subject, there is nothing romantic about it, in the first pla... Read More

Ways to Resolve Work Friction

In this era that is a little more closely-knit compared to other generations in history, thanks largely to the internet, diversity is more widely accepted. The uncommon is now embraced. Social media and other online platforms have served as our global village. The global village, in turn, is b... Read More

Global Fitness Gear New Lifestyle Program Pre-Enrollment!

Joel Therien had a thriving career as a personal trainer and he started his second professional career right out of University as a Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist at the Montford Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.   Although he had an amazi... Read More

Why Not Try Something New This Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan is popularly known as the Festival of Sacred Thread (Rakhi). It happens generally in the month of Shravan (August). Raksha means protection and Bandhan means tie or bond. On this day sisters tie Rakhis (sacred threads) on the wrists of their brothers during the sacred thread ceremo... Read More is stocking latest drones and RC toys

Buying a drone or RC toy has now been made easier, with one of the leading drone suppliers, stocking the latest devices. While announcing the availability of the new stock the online shop manager said that is committed to ensuring that customers get what they are ... Read More

How to Get Out of Our Comfort Zone and Change Habits

As a teacher and mentor at one of India’s leading b-schools, I have frequently come across students who find it difficult to get out of their comfort zone and change the habits they had picked up in their earlier years and know would be detrimental for their future career. Soon after joining ... Read More

Why Kids Need Swimming Classes

Why is “Swimming” the top concern for parents, when it comes to their kid’s safety, health & fitness? It’s because swimming is highly beneficial and crucial to learn for kids due to various reasons. As indicated by the National Safe Kids Campaign, drowning is the second leading cause of ... Read More

What You Seek Is Seeking You

Join Free Training: " How To Generate Nonstop Sales Leads, Clients and Revenue with LinkedIn ... FAST ! "Register Now ! Meet You There, Talk Soon.Your Consultant Partner,Eva Szentmiklossy CEO QWC Business Social Network,Affiliate Partner of John Nemo Creator LinkedIn RichesP.S.:M... Read More

When Do You Need a Motivational Speaker

Sometimes there come circumstances where incentive programs appear to cease working. There comes a necessity of the motivational speaker. A motivational speaker is quite good at boosting the morale of audience whether or not they are employee of the company, social society, university students etc. ... Read More

Offering You a Personal Style Suggestion at Best Price

A personal shopper is an individual who aid others to shop by making suggestions and giving advice. They are often employed by boutiques and department stores, although some of them work exclusively online or as a freelancer. They primarily focus usually on clothes, even though the number of... Read More