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Church Is The Hub Of Getting The Positivity And Hope From The God

Why it happens that we remember the god during our odd times only. Isn’t it wrong that the god who has given so much to us without any selfish motive is not worshipped by us? He is only remembered when we face the difficult times in our life. If you deeply think about this point, you will fi... Read More

Top Fashion Trends to Expect This Year in 2017

With this New Year-2017, it's an ideal opportunity to refresh your closet and add some quality pieces to it. To help you respect the new style and patterns, here are some forthcoming styles that you can hope to see all year. Let’s go through a few fashion trends that will help you get the ideal look... Read More

4 Advantages of Having Outdoor Team Building in Melbourne

If you spend most of your days stuck inside a cubicle farm for at least eight hours, you'll definitely want to experience a change of surroundings. The same thing can be said for your employees. After all, nobody wants to be cooped up indoors for a significant amount of time. This is why if you'... Read More

Formula of Goal Setting

Team goal setting allows the team to take full control of how they will benchmark themselves and how they will succeed. If your team already established a name with meeting deadlines then you can say that your team has time management and team work. A team result cannot only be done by one team ... Read More

Best Android App To Share Quotes  —  Words Of Wisdom,

Share Free Motivational & Inspirational Quotes via this great free Android app collection of 100 plus Successful people’s Quotes.A Quote, that is “wisdom from intellectuals, condensed within few words”.In this app there are thousands of Free Motivational Quotes — Quote of the Day for Android ava... Read More

What qualities set the makeup artist on the path of expertise?

In the present times there is no definite set of main stream career. People are experimenting with new career streams and getting lot more success than they would have got in conventional professional streams. Many makeup artists in Gurgaon are of the opinion that if a person has that knack ... Read More

7 Ways to Turn Your Ideas into Realities

i want to share on an important topic that wields everything about us and that determines what we will be or can be in the nearest future and that is turning our dreams into realities.Yeah, we all have got ideas but some of us haven't materialize them. Don’t worry. i am giving us 7 ways am presently... Read More

Why You Should Stop Ignoring Your Team’s Star Players?

Your top performing employees may appear to be the calmest members of your team. They may seem to be the less demanding when it comes to compliments and rewards. You may have known them for years now and have formed a strong bond with them. However, this does not mean that you need to stop showi... Read More

Approaching Messy Work

Messy work outputs are unavoidable in the workplace. Some of your team members may be in a lot of stress or are trying to meet the deadlines given. Another reason would be poor time management; the team member is all over the place and cannot focus on the task at hand because of the thought of m... Read More

Mother’s Day Special: Mothers, Please Have Fun

Surviving Postpartum Blues from Public Relations (PR) MumpreneurWorries of work and the possible stress of coping with the new baby were found to be the suicide triggers of a mother and her baby who fell from their unit on the twelfth floor in Bukit Panjang, Singapore, late last year.Although matern... Read More