Do Wood Veneer Sheets Come Under the Category of Decorative Veneers

by Rohit Bhaskar Event Planner

Wood veneers are thin slices of wood that are fixed to a durable core to give it a solid wood-like appearance. More often than not, the terms wood veneer and decorative veneer are used interchangeably as veneers give the furniture a plush and classy look and feel. So, you can say that wood veneers comes under decorative veneers.


Wood veneers give a surface the perfect finish without being exorbitantly priced. In fact, there are many reasons for wood veneers being in high demand. Once you are aware of the advantages that wood veneers offer, you will not think twice about utilizing these sheets in your home or office. Some of the benefits are highlighted below:


Plush Appearance

Wood or plywood surfaces do not have a smooth look and feel. So, if you want your walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture to have a glossy and smooth appearance, wood veneer sheets are a perfect choice. At the time of constructing your home, you can let the building contractor know that you want veneers and the same holds true when you are getting your furniture custom made.


Wood veneers are available in a range of colours and designs so you can mix and match to create furniture and interiors that look stunning and alive.


High Quality

Reputable manufacturers such as CenturyPly, utilize high-quality wood to produce veneer sheets. So, you can rest assured knowing that the veneers will be borer- and termite-resistant as well as be of superior quality to ensure durability and longevity.


Superior Strength

Besides using the best quality wood, the manufacturing process relies on gluing thin slices of wood to create veneers. Reputable manufacturers use the best quality adhesives to ensure the veneer is long-lasting. Furthermore, unlike wood, decorative veneers do not warp and split, making them highly durable and desirable for furniture and architectural structures.


More Eco-friendly

When you use solid wood to make furniture or architectural structures, a lot of wood gets wasted. On the other hand, when you use veneers, their thickness is less than a one-eighth inch and this minimizes waste, making veneers more eco-friendly. Furthermore, reliable brands like CenturyPly boast an FSC certificate, which means that they source wood from across the world from sustainable forests, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint.


Large Variety

Veneers from the same tree will be similar but that from two different trees will be unique. As a result, you get a large variety of veneers, each one more beautiful than the other. Also, using modern-printing and CNC machining tools, you can create a 3D effect and other designs on the veneers to make them unique and stylish.



While veneers use adhesives, noted brands stay away from formaldehyde and phenol to ensure that the veneer is completely non-toxic and free from chemicals. So, you can use them in any room, including the kitchen and kids’ room, without getting worried about toxins and chemical fumes. This gives you peace of mind knowing that veneers from a reputed brand will not prove to be harmful to the health of your loved ones and four-legged family members.


More Practical

In some projects, it is more practical to use veneers than solid wood. That is true for projects where you need to bend and curve the wood. Veneers can easily be bent and this shortens the time to complete the project as the carpenter or builder does not waste time to find a way to curve the wood and fulfill your requirements. This allows you to create unique furniture, cabinets, partitions, and panels without spending a lot of money.


The Final Word

Today, wood veneers or decorative veneers are an integral part of the furniture-making industry and construction. So, if you are wondering whether wood veneer comes under decorative veneer, the answer is a big yes. You can customize wood veneers with designs that you like and transform your living space and/or office into an aesthetically pleasing area. 

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