Ice Cream Machine- How it has revolutionized the world of frozen desserts

by Rohit Bhaskar Event Planner

For most of the 19th century, ice cream was a rare treat enjoyed mostly by upper class individuals. This began to change 172 years ago when Nancy M Johnson, a woman in Philadelphia, received a patent for the first crank ice cream freezer.

This technique went over for a long period of time and every household made ice cream in this way. However, this technique was very labor intensive and required a lot of muscle power & was time consuming. This is where the journey of an Ice Cream Maker began. Over the years, it evolved and people were able to make this sweet dessert at ease and there also began mass production of ice cream.

Ice cream machines

The first invention of the ice cream maker had two main compartments. The inside chamber is where the churning would take place with a hand crank, which was done manually, and the outer chamber, would hold the ice to cool the cream while the crank was used to whip it. Although, this was a fantastic deal for most people, it still required a lot of manual labour to function and give results. The ice had to be chipped into smaller pieces. Besides, after putting in the ice, the cream had to be churned close to an hour for the final result, making it an extremely labour-intensive chore and a luxury.

Modern machines have come a long way since then. As everything is automatic, much of the effort has decreased, although making ice cream is still not the easiest business.

Modern-day ice cream

The modern-day ice cream can be prepared with an attachment along with the Stand Mixer and as a separate ice cream maker.  These are completely automatic, streamlining the process and making it easier to create the delicacy at home. It's much simpler to craft this delicious preparation today and it's possible to make it within 40 mins.

All you need to ensure is that it has a light and airy  texture in every bite.

Gelato versus ice cream

That brings us to the next point, how is gelato different from ice cream? The traditional recipes for ice creams contained eggs, which was used by the French. The American version, on the other hand, did not have any eggs. The ice cream is usually made as a very rich custard with milk, cream and eggs, which is then cooled and whipped for a longtime to incorporate air into the mixture. Cheaper brands of ice cream usually have more air to get the same texture. The whole process is simplified when using an ice cream maker, which does most of the work.

The Italian gelato is made with a higher percentage of milk than in ice cream. Also the cream that is used will have a lower percentage of fat. Gelatos are churned much slower, to incorporate less air than the ice cream, these are served at slightly warmer temperatures as compared to ice cream, although both are delicious to be fair.

So, this season skip the store-bought stuff and opt for homemade ice cream. You will be delighted to see how easy it is to do it yourself and customize it with decadent fillings. 

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