How to Clean your Designer Leather Handbags Efficiently at Home

by Rohit Bhaskar Event Planner

Designer handbags are a luxury that everyone wants to own; many buy them as an investment as well. Taking care of these luxurious designer handbags are equally important to ensure that they stay for long to glam up your look and carry your things around for you stylishly and elegantly.


Whether you buy women satchel bag or leather tote, every handbag needs proper cleaning and storing to assure its quality remains intact. An unmanaged and grimy handbag will not only attract bacteria but also puts a bad impression on everyone.


This is where taking care of a leather handbag can be quite complicated considering the material is quite delicate


 Nevertheless, if it is not feasible to get it serviced from the designer store, you can keep your leather handbag clean by yourself at home to preserve their essence intact.

Why you need to protect your handbags


Every handbag needs a touch of cleanliness now and then since regular usage can easily hamper its overall look. Just like our skin and body, they also require regular maintenance, and leather is material that though looks classy but requires constant attention.


The things that you carry on in your handbag is also quite important, if you keep, make-up or pen with loose lids, then surely you are exposing your handbag to some heavy and hard straining which can be tricky to get rid of.


So if you proud owner to a designer leather handbag, we are here to advise you how to maintain your bag without spoiling.

How frequently should you clean your handbag?


The frequency of bag cleaning depends upon its usage, if you are using handbag quite regularly, then you will need to handle its cleaning at regular intervals. If it has used occasionally then you can go for 2-3 months, and for rarely or used on special occasions handbags you can go for 6-12 months.

Steps to maintain your handbag at home


Getting you handbag maintained and are taken care of delicately from a designer specialist is not practical, but there are many ways you take care of them at home. Here are a few ways you can tag on:

●     Start with wiping the handbag from within an outer surface, empty it and use a gentle foam solution and gently rubbing the within and the outer surface of the handbag.

●     Let the handbag dry for few minutes and then apply protection care, especially on handles, corners, and zippers and let them off to dry up for at least 10 minutes

●    If the handbag is of soft and light colour, then you need to repeat protector cream some more, which is usually available in designer stores or online.

●    If you are looking for quick maintenance, then instead of cleaning completely, focus only on handles and frequently touched areas.

How to get rid of liquid marks


If you have a liquid stain on the handbag, expose the area with tissues or soft cloth using lukewarm water. Use a mild cleaner and slowly scrub the exposed area, without directly coming contact of direct heat.

How to remove the odour


Use a scented protection cream for handbags, it will help in removing odour from your handbag, keep handbag exposed to some fresh air away from sunlight, this will reduce odour from inner of the bag as well.

Things to do and not to do

●        Always buy a good quality cleaner and cream, this will help in maintaining the value of the bag

●        Before cleaning and washing, always do a spot test to ensure that it does not react on the material

●        Try to clean the spots as soon as you face spillage

Considering things that you should avoid doing is 

●     You should never expose your handbag to direct sunlight this can lead to discolouration and fading

●        Saddle soaps can prove to be too strong for the leather, so you should avoid using them

●       Always wipe the grease stain instead of using direct water; otherwise, it will ruin the fabric further.

Things to keep in mind: storing handbags properly


Storing handbag is important for keeping it clean and intact with its freshness. Always keep your handbag stuffed while storing. Keep them in a dust bag, which you can easily buy from stores or online, this will keep your bag away from dust.

If you are considering buying ladies handbags online, always choose the most rated and original sites to ensure that they are selling original leather of a trusted brand.

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