Heart Attack Signs You Need to be Aware of in Women

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Women Suffer Heart Attacks Differently
Experiencing severe chest discomfort is common in both genders — i.e., male and female. When you enroll for a basic life saving course online, you shall understand why women experience more non-specific symptoms when they suffer from heart attacks.
It is easy to mistake heart attack symptoms in women for other diseases than in men such as flu. A basic life saving course online will assist you to distinguish and recognize the signs in women at an early stage.
Women show the following signs:
  • Feeling the pressure and severe pain at the core of the chest
  • Pain is experienced in different parts of the body —back, neck, jaw, stomach, and limbs
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • The head feels dizzy
  • Women sweat when the body is cold
  • Tiredness
Doctors Fail to Diagnose the Signs

Most doctors are failing to detect symptoms of a heart attack in women soon since they often dismiss them at first when treating younger women.  Researchers who have interviewed both genders realize that 30% of 2000 women between the age of 18-55 get admission to the hospital due to a heart attack. They confess that a doctor has checked them at least once for heart attack symptoms. Over 50% of the 2000 women never get told that they could be at risk of heart attacks.
For men, only 20% of 1000 male patients see a doctor before admission to a hospital. 30% only never get the correct diagnosis. These statistics show that men receive better treatment from the health care system. You can learn more about such issues by enrolling for healthcare courses online.

Doctors judge most female patients with the signs mostly prevalent in men. Lack of those signs makes them presume that they are perfectly healthy, for instance, lack of blocked coronary arteries. Late diagnosis shows that women have scars present on the heart, indicating that a heart attack occurred.
The Differences
Misdiagnosis due to shallow research and study of the symptoms in women is prevalent today in the modern medical society.

Doctors use men mainly as research specimens since women may have other existing conditions that may not give a correct diagnosis.

Women's medical problems are complex and vague than those of men. Hence, when a complaint gets heard from a woman about possible signs of heart attacks, it gets countered by doctors who give a diagnosis for mental stress or anxiety.
Statistical Analysis Data for Women’s Heart Problems
  • The common cause of death is heart disease in 1-4 women
  • Heart attacks do not favor any gender. Both genders suffer from the disease at close range rates
  • Women that had not shown past symptoms of heart attack, two-thirds of them die due to coronary heart failure
  • Incorrect early diagnosis is 50 % higher with female patients than with male patients
  • Female patients of any age group mostly die after admission into a hospital

To know more about these issues, enroll for a healthcare course online today.

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