Interesting Facts About The Birthstone of July - Ruby Gemstone

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Ruby or Manik stone is a natural deep pink to a blood-red colored precious gemstone that belongs to the corundum mineral family. Ruby gemstone which is also known as Manik stone in Hindi comes in different shades of deep pink to red color. It comes in different varieties such as pigeon blood ruby and Burma ruby or Burmese ruby. Pigeon blood ruby is the richest and finest variety of ruby gemstone. According to Indian Vedic astrology, Manik is worn to get success in career, business, and health. This ruby gemstone has many incredible astrological benefits. If you want to read all the benefits of Manik stone then you can visit our website blog. Manik is also known as the Ratna Raj which means King of Gems. It boosts social status, authority, and self-confidence. Due to its relationship with the sun, ruby is also referred to as the gemstone of the sun Planet. Depending upon the person's horoscope, this ruby gemstone can improve the career, business, health, social status of the wearer. It depends on the stone with respect to the placement of the Sun in the native's horoscope. If the stone suits the individual then it will show the positive effects on the life of the native. If it doesn't suit or the placement of sun is in the negative house then it will show the bad or negative effects on the native's life. Before wearing this Manik stone always consult a Vedic astrologer. A Vedic astrologer has a deep knowledge of Indian astrology. After viewing your natal chart, he can give you a better suggestion. He can tell you the perfect time and carat weight. In this article, we are going to discuss the facts about the birthstone of July month and that is Manik Gemstone.

One can wear a ruby gemstone easily after consulting a Vedic astrologer. According to Vedic astrology, this ruby gemstone is best recommended for Leo Rashi. It is also considered the birthstone of the Leo sun sign. Those who have Ascendants of Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces also can wear this stone. Due to its high authority, it is referred to as the king of precious stones. It is the hardest stone after diamonds and that makes him more popular and that's why this amazing gemstone has some captivating properties and rich history. Let's discuss some interesting facts about the ruby gemstone.


Colour: The color of a ruby gemstone varies from dark red to dark pink. The chemical element chromium gives a different shade to the Manik gemstone. This element causes red fluorescence which further enhances its color and gives a stunning red color to this beautiful gemstone. The color of pigeon blood ruby is considered as one of the most desirable colors that consist of pure red with a hint of blue.

Appearance: This gemstone comes with different shades with different cuts and that gives a stunning look to its appearance. In a stone, Inclusion is a common thing that does not decrease the value of the stone. Instead of decreasing it enhances the beauty of the stone. If we talk about a rough stone then it looks dull and greasy. When it cuts then it shows great lusters and then it is passed to the chemical composition that gives different shades to the ruby gemstone by adding the chromium in ruby.

Rarity: If we compare ruby and sapphire then rubies are a little rarer than sapphire. Ruby stone contains all the similarities of sapphire and that's why sometimes it is referred to as the red sapphires. In terms of hardness and quality, rubies are rare. However, Rubies that are large in size are much rarer.

MOHs Scale Hardness: Ruby has the hardness of 9 moh scale and that is second most after diamonds. It is the hardest mineral after diamonds. Manik gemstone is 7x harder than a topaz gemstone. The hardness of ruby gemstone varies in different directions.

Sources of Ruby: Most of the mines of manik gemstones are discovered in India, Madagascar, Russia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Kenya, and Mexico. Rubies that come from Burma (Sri Lanka) are the finest quality ruby gemstone which is also known as Burmese ruby or Burma Ruby.

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