Interesting Facts About Hessonite (Gomed) Gemstone

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Hessonite, which is the most popular gemstone in the astrological world, is a honey-colored semi-precious gemstone. Hessonite stone is commonly known as Gomed stone in India. In India, people are aware of the malefic effects of the Rahu and Ketu planets. To get relief from these planets people usually consult an expert astrologer who provides a different way to reduce the malefic effects of Rahu and Ketu. Usually, the Ketu planet is ruled by the cat's eye gemstone. In other words, we can say if you are suffering from the negative effects of Ketu then according to Vedic astrology you should wear a real cat's eye gemstone. Rahu planet is ruled by Hessonite stone. This astrological gemstone is worn to get relief from the negative effects of Rahu. To gain power, wealth, and success in business, career, and jobs, One should wear Hessonite or Gomed stone as soon as possible. In this article, we are going to discuss some facts about the Gomed stone. In our previous piece of blog, you will learn about how to wear a Hessonite stone

Astrological Properties of Hessonite 

Wearing a Hessonite or Gomed stone can be helpful for those who have better placement of Rahu in Horoscope. People use this stone to provide strength to the weakly placed Rahul in the native's natal chart. If the stone suits the wearer then it will show positive effects. If it doesn't then it will show the negative effects on the career, business, and health. In that case, you will need to consult an astrologer. After the deep study of your horoscope, they will give you a better suggestion for your life. If your planet Rahu is in the negative house then they will recommend you a Hessonite or Gomed stone. Its association with the planet Rahu makes it more popular in Vedic astrology. People who are suffering from the Mahadasha of Rahu in their birth chart wear this stone. In other words, we can say Vedic astrology recommends Gomed stone for those whose life is undergoing the effects of Rahu Mahadasha. 

As we all know, each gemstone is worn according to the zodiac sign of the wearer. Hence, Hessonite is best recommended for Kumbh Rashi. According to western astrology, Gomed or Hessonite stone is considered the birthstone of Gemini. If you belong to the Libra and Taurus then you can also wear this stone. 

Physical and Chemical Properties of Hessonite 

The chemical composition of this beautiful honey-colored stone is Calcium Aluminium Silicate. Owing to the amazing healing properties, Hessonite has occupied an important place in Hindu astrology. It belongs to the grossular Garnet mineral family. This amazing gemstone comes in different shades of brown in the market. It is more commonly used for jewelry purposes. This stone has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 moh scale. When it comes to the origin of this gemstone then it is mainly found in Sri Lanka, Africa, India. 

How to Wear Gomed Stone: 

When you have decided to buy Hessonite stone then the first thing that comes to your mind is the carat weight of the stone and the price of the stone. The price of the stone depends on the 4 c's: Cut, Clarity, color, and carat weight. With a rise in these 4 c's i.e., the quality of a gemstone, the price. The carat weight of the stone should be multiple of 1/10th of the total body weight of the person. Suppose if you have the weight of 70kg then you will need to buy a hessonite stone of 7 carats. Reddish and deep honey-colored is recommended for best results. It is worn in the silver metal on the ring finger. To get the best result you should wear the stone on Saturday morning. 

Buy Gomed Stone Online in India 

In order to get the maximum health and astrological benefits, always buy a real Gomed gemstone. If you are planning to buy a Natural Hessonite stone online or if you are looking out for a Real Gomed stone online you can visit a trusted gemstone store like Navratan, the online gem Bazar. Here you will get a wide range of authentic and certified Hessonite stones in the most reasonable price segment. Avail worldwide delivery facility and an easy return option along with a certificate of authenticity. Explore the premium collection of certified Hessonite gemstones online now..!

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