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Those who are born in July can pretend one of the rarest and most precious gems as their birthstone ⁠— the Ruby, striking for its rarity, history, symbolism, and classification. In our July publication of the birthstone series, we catch an in-depth aspect of the variety of ruby gemstones and what they intend for those people who are born in this seventh month of the year. The Ruby gemstone which is also known as Manik stone in Vedic astrology is a highly precious gemstone from the corundum mineral family. 



The Ruby gemstone or Manik stone is sometimes described as “the gem of kings,” these colored gems seem in classical narratives all across Asia, and their ubiquity in mines gave rise to many quests to claim them. ‌

These amazing Ruby gemstones were loved in India, China, other Asian countries, and across the Roman Empire. Mining for ruby gemstones was an ancient tradition, with ancient mining tools and sediments showing their importance and amazing healing benefits across the ages. Historically, the largest ruby gemstone sediments were found in the Mogok Valley in Burma (now Myanmar), the Chantaban and Battambang regions of Thailand, and in Jegdalek near Kabul region in Afghanistan.

Ruby gemstone is also recognized as the symbol of emotions, and The stone was supposed that people had control over love and anger. Ancient peoples assumed that these gems can help to calm intense emotion or deliver out the inner rage. Ruby’s hot color was considered a close match to blood’s life force, so it is no wonder that people were attracted to these scintillating stones.

‌‌As accouterment and beautiful shelter for the noble and warrior class, ruby gemstones were also a symbol of wealth and power. Powerful and precious, beautiful and full of vitality, ruby gemstones were what an individual in the ruling state was required to own for themselves.


‌Ruby gemstones or Manik stones are admired for their quivering red coloration ⁠— hence their title, from the Latin Ruber, indicating red.

This sumptuous colored gem is a type of corundum mineral, which is a rock-forming crystal made of aluminum oxide and the color variety of the ruby gemstone is caused by the presence of chromium in the stone. The crystalline appearance is often translucent, a characteristic of the highest-quality ruby gemstones, but the color of the ruby gemstone can vary from dark red to pale red pink.

Unlike its sister gem sapphire, which is also corundum but contains different trace metals, a ruby is distinguished by the presence of chromium. Pink sapphires have a small amount of chromium, but not enough to be classified as rubies because of their color. 

The most sought-after rubies are a bright-red color shade amidst a hint of purple — a color shade known as pigeon’s blood — and have more striking clarity. Nevertheless, all ruby gemstones have some flaws, like the traditional needle-like crystal formations called Rutiles. The rubies are passed with heat treatment and that can improve clarity in ruby gemstone, but this can also reduce the ruby’s fame and significance. The highest-quality ruby gemstone holds a spontaneous fluorescence from the chromium and shines under ultraviolet rays.

Ruby gemstone can seem in unfastened gravel and basalt slabs. These finest quality ruby gemstones are also located in marble, a stone that’s appreciated for its near-total shortage of iron. In conclusion, ruby gemstones cut from marble are more apt to shine in the sunlight, and they require a higher price. 

If you love sparkling gems that sustain wear and tear, you’re in fortune. Along with its charming coloration, the ruby gemstone is one of the hardest valuable gems in the world. The ruby gemstone holds a hardness factor of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. For judgment, diamonds possess a hardness factor of 10 on the moh scale of hardness.

Today, you can also find real ruby gemstone sediments in Queensland and the Northern Territory in Australia. More trivial deposits are yet alive in Japan, the United States, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Pakistan, Vietnam, Tanzania, Kenya, and Madagascar.

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