Interesting Facts About Pearl Gemstone

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Pearl is a white-colored organic gemstone formed in a living creature known as a mollusk. Pearl Gem is largely used for producing beautiful jewelry pieces. Pearl is considered one of the most worthy gemstones of Navratna Gemstone. Natural pearls are pure organic gemstones and these are very rare to find. When it comes to Indian astrology, the Pearl gem implies planet Moon and symbolizes charm, love, a steady mind, impressibility, great family life, and many others. Pearl holds numerous fascinating facts to know about and some of them are mentioned below.

Interesting Facts About Pearl Gem

Come from a Living Creature

When it comes to a Natural Pearl gemstone then the natural pearl is produced inside an oyster’s shell. A nuisance is fastened between two shells and it begins to be covered by some protecting layers and after some period of time, these beautiful layers have assembled as a pearl gem.

The rarest kind of the pearls

Natural Pearl gems are composed of oysters’ natural habits. If we talk about the oysters then not all the oysters bear pearls. Less than one thousand wild mollusks can hold a pearl gem. They usually catch their own time in developing. When the thing comes to the color and shape of the stone then it depends on the nature of oysters that are found in the deep ocean.

The First-Ever Artificial Round Pearl

Here let's take a look at the ancient people who have first discovered pearl gems. Kokichi Mikimoto was the First Person, who discovered a cultured (or cultivated) pearl gemstone. He formed the first cultured pearl in 1896 and took succession in this work. His quote for the aforementioned was to “embellish the necks of all women around the globe with pearls.”

Most Selling Pearls are Cultured Pearls

After the first cultured pearl was discovered, it changed all of the pearl industry. Today, almost all over the globe, only cultured pearl gems are sold primarily. These pearl gems are used as a substitute for natural pearls. Now, 99% of pearl gemstones on the market are making business only in cultured pearls. Hence, the natural pearl is higher in price compared to cultured pearl gems.

The World’s Most Famous Pearl Gem

La Peregrina (550 years old) is a Spanish term that means “the superior”. This pearl gem possesses a pear kind of shape. This beautiful pearl is acknowledged as one of the world’s ancient and most popular pearls.

The World’s Most Expensive Pearl Gem

This popular pearl gemstone was found on the coast of the Philippines. According to some ancient myths, a fisherman perceived this amazing pearl from there. That man perceives the pearl as his good luck appeal. He retained the pearl gemstone under his bed for more than ten years. In 2016, when his house was fired down, the fisherman discovered this pearl gem. This magical pearl gem contains a length of 26 inches (the world’s largest pearl) and the weight of the gem is nearly around 75 pounds. Hence, the gem costs around $100 Million.

The Oldest Pearl Ever

Pearl gemstones are the most popular organic gem from the time of Roman and Greek. Fresh researchers found the oldest pearl in 2012. Founders read this the title of Umm-al-Quwain. It is gathered that the pearl gem was around more than 7,500 years old. Thus, this pearl gem beat the previous old pearl record that was 2,500 years ago.

Types of Pearls

When it comes to the types of Pearl gem then mainly there are four sorts of pearls available in which they range in terms of size, shape, color, and value. The first type of Pearl gem is ‘Freshwater Pearls‘. This type of pearl gemstone is grown in lakes and rivers across China. This type of pearl variety is the most widely available pearl. The next category that comes second in the list is ‘Akoya Pearl’; This type of pearl gem is mainly found in Japan. It is considered one variety of saltwater pearls.

The third type of pearl gem is ‘Tahitian Pearls’, which are developed mainly on the island of French Polynesia. This type of pearl gem is found in a variety of colors that ranges from black, blue, grey, green, and purple. Here South Sea Pearl is the next type of pearl gem. This variety of pearls comes in whiter, cream, and golden colors. It is mainly cultivated in Australia and the Philippines.

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