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The gemstone of planet Sun which is often called Ruby gemstone or Manik stone in India is a highly precious gem variety of corundum mineral family. For thousands of years, the ruby gemstone or Manik stone has been recognized as one of the most sought-after gemstones on the planet earth. In other words, we can say it is another form of corundum. These ruby gemstones are very enduring and arrive in a wide variety of different colors that depend on the level of heat treatment applied when it was formed. The color variation in a ruby gemstone is caused due to the presence of the chromium element in it. When we think about the name of this stunning red-colored gemstone then the term ruby derives from the Latin Rubens, which signifies red color and is a remarkably important gemstone with fascinating fetching over $1 million per carat cost due to its intense color and different saturation levels, which can range from red to dark blue-red. On the moh scale of hardness, the ruby gemstone ranks up to 9. After diamonds, rubies are considered the hardest gemstone on the earth. There are some other varieties of ruby gemstone available in the market which can be pink or even purple if they hold trace minerals such as titanium oxide and iron oxides. Due to these trace elements, this ruby gemstone comes in numerous color varieties.

The ruby gemstone is a popular gemstone from ancient times. From Dorthy’s ruby-red slippers in the Wizard of Oz to the Queen’s crown jewels, the ruby or Manik stone is one of the four most recognizable gemstones besides emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. This amazing gemstone places itself aside from other gems because it holds a rich red hue that can elicit feelings like love and passion. Here we have mentioned some of the fascinating facts about this beautiful gemstone.


Throughout history, ruby gemstones have been rumored to protect the wearer from the evil influences of the malefic sun. The Bible references ruby gemstones at least four times and connects them with enlightenment and beauty. These apparently mystical cherished stones were also stated to defend warriors and ancient rulers in times of battle and enormous affliction. During more advanced times, in the Wizard of Oz, Dorthy carries ruby slippers to preserve her from the evil forces of ruby gemstone. 


In terms of strength, it comes in the first position both physically and astrologically. When you necessitate a gemstone that is as sturdy as it is gorgeous then here the ruby gemstone wins. Only inconsiderably more satiny than legendary glass-cutting diamonds, ruby gemstone ranges at 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness and ranks properly up there with sapphires in terms of elasticity. Due to its similarity with Sapphire gemstone, Ruby is also named Red Sapphire.


As luminous as a summer sunset, the ruby gemstone is regarded as the birthstone of July month. These beautiful red ruby gemstones are also used as a traditional anniversary present choice for the people who are celebrating their 15th or 40th wedding anniversaries. 


Ruby gemstones without blemishes or inclusions are notably rare so stains in the gemstone are to be expected. There is only one way to authenticate a ruby gemstone and assure it is real is by validating that it possesses flaws. 


When it comes to the origins of a ruby gemstone then this stunning gemstone is found all around the globe. From Myanmar to the United States, ruby gemstones or Manik stones have been excavated all over the globe. Burmese Rubies, which were once only sourced from Asia's Golden Land of Burma (Myanmar), have now been seen in African countries like Tanzania as well as in Australia where it is recognized by its Aboriginal name "Mookaite." The finest quality ruby gemstones arise deep within Myanmar’s soil that bears a unique mix of crystals perfect for composing these sought-after gems. 


Due to their amazing hue and cut, these ruby gemstones hold world-class popularity on the earth, and hence it is quite more expensive compared to other gemstones. Big, high-quality ruby gemstone can be sold for more than some diamonds of a similar size. 

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