Ruby Gemstone - Properties and Importance of Ruby Stone

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Vedic astrology recommends ruby as the birthstone of July Month. The stone is believed that it is a symbol of passion, devotion, divinity, and courage. Ruby gemstone which is often called the Manik stone is supposed to bring happiness, love, and good luck to the individual who wears the stone. The ruby stone is said to be the gemstone related to the planet Sun. The sun holds the ultimate power of source and is identified to be powerful, authoritative, and respectable. It gives stability in the relationship and hence it is commonly used as the engagement ring. The mystical stone ruby is believed to imply similar qualities including leadership, confidence, and motivation. Vedic astrology prescribes this gemstone to those who have low confidence or self-esteem and also to those who lack leadership qualities. 

As a precious gemstone of the corundum mineral family which is commonly known as Red sapphire is believed to signify fame, vigor, virtue, and warmth. The stone is supposed to be a symbol of love, passion, and high authority. Gemstones are believed to promote a harmonious relationship with a spouse or significant other, family, and society at large. The stone can also help to get the lost fame in a relationship. Healthwise, the stone is said to be the best remedy to cure peptic ulcers, fever, rheumatism, gout, etc. 

Properties: Ruby stone is crystallized as alumina (Al2O3) and in pure form, it is colorless. The less amount of chromic oxide replaces alumina and in the crystal structure of ruby stone and that provides vibrant colors to the ruby gemstone. In terms of the specific gravity of ruby stone, it ranges from 3.99 to 4.00. The hardness of the ruby stone is marked at the 9 at moh scale. After diamonds, Ruby is superior on the hardness level. 

Colors: In the purest form of ruby stone, it is colorless. In the crystal structure of ruby gemstone, trace element chromium causes different variations in colors. Rubies from Burma are said to be the finest quality ruby stones. The reason behind the red color of the ruby stone is the presence of the Trace element Chromium. Generally, rubies are said to be red but they can reach a high level of saturation and that gives a different shade to the ruby gemstone. The color variety of ruby stone ranges from light pink to deep red. The deep red-colored variety of ruby stone which is also known as the pigeon blood ruby is the richest variety of ruby gem. The color of the stone decades its value. Hence, the darker in colors and high in price. Rubies can be believed as the highest price per carat of all the colored stones. Consequently, they are one of the most valuable gems in the colored gems market, with a market value of over $1 billion. 

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