How To Wear Coral or Moonga Stone

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A bright red colored stone which is also known as Coral or Moonga stone is a natural organic gemstone composed by marine creatures which are commonly known as Corallium Rubrum. In Indian astrology, This bright-colored Coral gemstone is popular for its amazing healing and metaphysical properties. This gemstone is worn to get all the benefits for its career, business, and good wealth. Mars is the ruling planet for a coral gemstone which is recognized as the symbol of courage, determination, and physical strength. Red coral which means Moonga in Hindi is worn to give strength to weaker placed Mars in the horoscope. This stone is more commonly used to get relief from the malefic effects of planet Mars and if you are leading a business, leadership roles, sports, and health then this mystical gemstone can give you several benefits. Vedic astrology recommends this stone for Mesh (Aries) and Vrischik (Scorpio) Rashi. According to Indian western astrology, Coral stone is considered the birthstone of Aries. However, If you are of Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer & Leo ascendants then you can also wear this stone.

Coral or Moonga stone is known as the gemstone of Planet Mars. This bright red colored gemstone is mainly found in red color but it is also found in a different shade of red and brown. Coral gemstone has a hardness of 3 to 4 moh scale. In recent times, All the gemstones used by the people are variations of Corallium Rubrum. There are mainly two varieties of coral gemstone that are popular in India i.e Red coral and white coral gemstone. Moonga stone is found in mainly two shapes : an oval shape which resembles the capsules and another one is a triangle shape. In this article, we will discuss the origins, how to wear and benefits of wearing a coral stone

Origins of Coral Stone: 

As we all know Coral gemstone is a pure organic gemstone. Moonga stone is found in marine water. The required Depth of the Sea should be 20 to 1000 feet. The natural red coral stone is only found in saltwater. When it comes to the origin of this stone then it is mainly found in the Mediterranean sea. It is also found in different regions such as Midway Islands, the Canary Islands, the Malaysian Coast, the coast of Australia, Italy, and the Red Sea. According to Vedic astrology, Coral stone is popular with different names in the different regions of India such as Moonga, Mangalmani, Bhaumaratna, Vidrum, Ratnadroom, and Ratnaraja.

Wearing Method of Moonga Stone: 

Red coral gemstone is worn to remove the weakness associated with planet Mars or the negative effects of planet Mars. In the horoscope, If Mars is placed in the negative house or if it is not fruitful then coral stone is worn to get relief from the ill effects of weaker placed Mars in the horoscope. If a person is born between 14 November to 15 December then that person should wear a coral gemstone. Here we have mentioned some steps to follow while wearing a coral stone.

  • Before wearing a coral stone, Everyone should ask an astrologer for that gemstone. He is the only person who can suggest to you something good for your life. After the deep study of the native's horoscope, if he allows wearing the stone then you should go for it.

  • In Vedic astrology, If Mars is placed with Rahu and Shani then wearing a Moonga stone can be beneficial for you. 

  • The minimum weight of a Moonga stone should be 1/10th of the total body weight. If you have a 50kg weight then you will need to buy a Coral stone of 5-carat weight. 

  • Silver and gold metals are ideal for Coral gemstones. However, you can wear this stone with Panchdhaatu, platinum, or white gold. 

  • Wearing this stone on the ring finger on Tuesday morning can give you maximum benefits from this stone. 

  • Don't wear this stone with Diamond, Sapphire, and Panna. It can be dangerous for you. 

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