APSense New Feature Is Now Functional!

by Joseph Botelho Investing One Gram at a Time
December 3, 2010

APSense New Feature Is Now Functional!

Wincer and the APSense Team have developed this new Feature called the "APSense URL Shortener", we tried it out several times yesterday got all the little bugs out of the way and now you can added as an Add on too your tools here at APSense you will found it on the left side of the screen along with all the other tools.

This tool is much different then other URL shorteners, for the simple reason it has many benefits for you as a member to enjoy and increase your ability to advertise and use it to your advantage.

Benefits of This New Feature

-All Shortened URL are APSense Referral Links
-It will also support 3 different types mode shorten links
-Simple redirect, like other shorten link
-Will also have a Social Bar
-Free Text Ads
-You will also be able to be password protected
-Be able to when t control Link Expiration
-Hit counter with stats, and provides you with ISP address.

Now all you need to do is take advantage of this feature by adding it on immediately and testing it out.  I will add more information as soon as Wincer comes back.  He wanted me to get this blog out to all the members to take full advantage of this fantastic feature.

APSense has now broken the 5,000 mark on Alexa, we  currently sit at 4,998.  This is the first time we have been below the 5,000 mark. 

All The Best

Joseph F. Botelho

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Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
There will be a special email to all members sent to you all by Wincer and his team. Please look forward learn and understand the power of this feature and you will increase your ability to work more effectively with another outstanding tool....

all The Best
Dec 3rd 2010 11:33   
Wincer Song Magnate II Deluxe Founder
Thank you, Joseph!

You made introduction to members at the first time.

APSense URL will be important tool for internet marketing.

You will build network while promoting other products.

I hope everyone will be benefited by APSense URL Shortener.
Dec 3rd 2010 11:35   
Katrina O. Professional   Indiana Water Filters
Awesome! I had all but quit using shortners here! This is an A+ feature I will surly be using!! Kudos!! to you and Wincer!
Dec 3rd 2010 11:39   
Joel Lloyd Calija Committed   Internet Marketer
First URL shortener I've ever used that can be deleted, WOW! thanks for this awesome feature :) I hope you can add some features like share on twitter or facebook.

Thanks Joseph
Dec 3rd 2010 11:45   
Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
What can i say to top Katrina's Comment. AWESOME!
That did not really do it, but Wincer a 1000 TOPS for you.

It is high time that we can use a shortener coupled to a well known name. Now all we have to do is keep it clean and SCAM free.
That would be another kind of challenge, but can be accomplished with proper screening.

Kudo's to you and the APSense team.
Dec 3rd 2010 12:06   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Thanks and yes SCAM FREE, well a story all on it's own, the important part is we have added a new feature that will provide us with additional tools to get the message out in a simplified way.
Dec 3rd 2010 12:14   
Lonnie Niver Committed   Niver's Art
I have to agree with everyone above that this is a great additions to Apsense tools. I am always going to other sites to make url shortners so I hope it will eliminate having to do so. Thank you guys for the new tool.
Dec 3rd 2010 12:31   
Nachin Delgado Innovator  
thank you for the information. Having a URL for apsense is a good idea and will help a lot of people
Dec 3rd 2010 12:39   
Dinesh Desle Innovator  
Hi, thank you for the information.
Dec 3rd 2010 13:26   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Well the good thing so far many of the members are now adding this feature and using that is what APSense is all about...

Make use of the feature enjoy and you will get rewards for it
Dec 3rd 2010 14:36   
Asim Shah Innovator   
I am glad t find this service noq on APsense,too
Dec 3rd 2010 14:44   
Marko S. Professional   Web Presence Provider
Thanks. of course, I'll try the tool :)
Dec 3rd 2010 14:50   
Karen L. Professional   Personal Development
You don't know how happy this news makes me!! It's an incredibly useful addition to the marketing tools here on APSense! Thank you. ;0)
Dec 3rd 2010 15:07   
Lucian Cazac Advanced   Internet Marketer
Awesome! I already use it and I like so much because I can both promote my opportunity and in the same time my profile on APSense.
So that this is great and I'm really happy
Dec 3rd 2010 15:18   
Heri purnomo sekar Innovator   sekar
thank to all
Dec 3rd 2010 17:31   
Gregory Osborne Committed   Online Marketing Entrepreneur...
As I've recentlt stopped using several of the well known shorteners, this indeed seems very promising, as I will now know that my referrals and links are not being stolen...
Dec 3rd 2010 17:40   
Katrina O. Professional   Indiana Water Filters
Hey everybody! I have been using this today, and the features are great! Better than the other ones out there!

Thanks again Joseph and Wincer!!!
Dec 3rd 2010 17:46   
Carol Jacobs Committed   Money Keeps Coming To Me
This is great, thanks for the information.
Dec 3rd 2010 18:58   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
It is indeed a great tool. I will have to do a lot of cloaking/shortening. It is great to promote APSense also in my own country, The Netherlands
Dec 3rd 2010 20:04   
Andy Anderson Professional   Owner Yuma Bloggers
The main feature that I like on it is the link expiry. I wont use a URL shortening service for 90% of promotions because I know the effects on SEO and trust but would gladly use this service to mask delivery links of free and paid downloads. Not only will it prevent download theft through unauthorized sharing by using a password protect but setting link expire will allow you to choose when the download will stop being available.

Great job.
Dec 3rd 2010 20:05   
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