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Joined APSense since, December 25th, 2006, From Shanghai, China.
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About Wincer

I started to marketing online since 10 years ago. After few years I realized that social networking would connect people in the effective way. I designed APSense for all people who were interested in eCommerce, Home Business or Online Marketing.

We upgraded APSense serveral times in last 3 years. Now the version will be a new start for us. We will also design more attactive addon services for growing your business or helping you to create a new job.

The world is flat, the world is yours!

Brand Pages Wincer Likes

  • Facebook
  • APSense
  • SocialsCube
  • WorthReferral
  • Winning Solos Text Ad Exchange
  • The Morning Motivator
  • Taste Hosting
  • Lekool
  • Team Promote
  • Grow A Massive Downline

Recommendations for Wincer

Dr Don Y. Magnate I Deluxe  
Had a great conversation with Wincer over Apsense, It is always great when an owner or founder takes the time for each member. I have been in business for over 60 years, and I never forgot that the last customer is just as important as the first. Treat every client like the first. Someone I know said that just the other day, but.. For me, as I have commented elsewhere, is like a high maintenance girlfriend. It takes work like any relationship, if the relationship is strong, then whatever reason you are here become an easy sell (that is if the product or service also fits the partnership) No need for spamming. People will come to you. With regard to Apsense, I like it very much, but am still trying to find my way around. It is clean, very professional, no hype, just my style. Thanks Wincer, Great Job
Dee Tee Magnate II
God bless Wincer song. We love your innovations.. Thumps up
Barry Reeves Committed  
Wincer, Thank you so very much for creating APSense. It is such a wonderful business networking site. I have joined several similar sites in the past, but none of them offer the tools and resources that APSense does. I have met so many friendly people here on APSense who honestly want to help their fellow members and see them succeed. There have been so many improvements made to APSense since I first joined in 2007. I would like to commend you and your developers for your many innovations. Please keep them coming. Best Regards, Barry Reeves
Shade Law Freshman  
I'm very impressed Sir. It would be interesting to work with you.
Aaron M. Professional  
APSense has been improving and getting better since I joined, I always check my apsense account more often more than any other program I joined. Hope that more people join APSense.

Recommendation on Experiences: Founder, APSense Ltd.

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