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My main businesses is

Second is my Traffic Exchange Surf-Bar-Traffic

I am listed in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce of Oost-Brabant under number 17163543 as Webmiep Design.

My main blog is

About me:
I am Dutch, happily married and have 3 grown up sons.I am grandmother of 4 grand kids.

My hobbies are designing graphics, travels to Turkey, playing the saxophone and online activities like online marketing and site promotion. The plan is to move to Turkey semi permanent in 2014.

My dream is to earn enough money to open a music bar with live music in Turkey in about 2 years from now.

I am very active at APSense where I found wonderful admins and friends which were ready to help me and advice me any time. I decided to follow their example and help others as much as I can.

I am on of the Co-Founders of ADSactly

For more businesses I own and am involved in please check the tabs products and services and affiliates. In resources you will find my articles and rev pages. 

Things I feel are most important to have a successful business are:

  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Giving support to customers and downline
  • Building relationships with integer business partners
  • Continious promotion in every possible way (networks, blogs, communities, TE's)

From this spot I want to thank all those who wrote a testimonial for me.

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Thank to Paula van Dun for web traffic designer with his system surf-bar-traffic. It is great for promote 100s of popular programs with just 1 link. let us keep Paula van Dun in our hands for studying his experients in this fields Thank to Paula van Dun on share
 - hopsense September 11th, 2014

Paula van Dun is very active at APSense where she found wonderful admins and friends which were ready to help and advice any time.
 - haismed April 6th, 2014

As I have read her profile, I can attest that not only online businesses she can manage to work on but also her family. Paula van Dun is indeed a good and fantastic mother, grandmother, and marketer of her own business center.
 - janimahbaunto February 4th, 2014

Awesome traffic sites! And I am sure that I am a member of a couple of them!
 - allbiz4me January 16th, 2014

She are great network ,and hope become like she , and get help for all
 - alyabdo1 January 2nd, 2014

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