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Joined APSense since, September 12th, 2010, From Woodbrook, Trinidad and Tobago.
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About Carol

Greetings from the sunny Island of Trinidad & Tobago, my name is Carol Jacobs.
I am human, a mother, musician, grandmother and now an Internet "Groupie" LOL!... I love the Internet, making new contacts, joining social networks and dabbling in various Internet businesses. I am also an avid lover of plants. Plants and Mother Nature have taught me a lot about my self. When I look at the different types of plants I have I am reminded of the many different talents I enjoy.
My life is like my Plants, constantly growing, blooming and blossoming. Life is a puzzle and I am daily putting the pieces together, taking responsibility for my thoughts, keeping a positive frame of mind even when the world seems to be "Off The Chain".
Being a musician helps to keep in check as I am constantly creating all types of songs, from Soca, Reggae and Jazz and Jingles. (Like My Plants) :)
I love being a Grand Mother. My grand children are like samples of us but really unique, loving and trusting souls who look up to me for The Answers. So I have to make sure the answers I give will enhance the journey that is to come.
I feel like my journey has now begun leading me through the winding roads of Cyber Space. What does the Universe have in store for me? I will let you know as soon as I find out.

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  • TraDesto
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Recommendations for Carol

Gillian G. Committed  
Carol Jacobs is a wonderful person to chat and network with. She seem to have a passion for internet marketing and works hard at it.
Roosevelt Evans III Professional  
Carol Jacobs has been a breath of fresh air here on APSense with her Positivity, Grace and "Jazziness". I am glad to have her as an APSense contact and Internet Friend.
Lilija Paula Professional  
Carol is very professional, intelligent and knowledgeable.She is an expert in her field and experienced networker.

Recommendation on Haves: JssTripler Is A Must!
Gilberto Cintron Senior  
According to Merriam Webster's online dictionary, a network is when "a group of people sharing a common interest and relating together socially" The key words here are "sharing a common interest". Carol Jacobs took the first steps in reaching out to me to share in a common interest, ie, Apsense & Making Money, joined my group and participated in discourse. In turn I joined one of here groups. This is the true definition of networking. Give a little get a little. Carols network grew by one as did mine. Join Carol & I and your group or network will grow by two. See how it works? Thanks Carol I really look forward toward working with you.
Angela Maria Alves do Nascimento Advanced  
Dear Carol! Thank you for introducing me APSense, I'm amazed co all here! Very Good!

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