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Joined APSense since, November 23rd, 2010, From Nashville, United States.

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I have many abilities. On the less than biz side, I'm a Trans-Communication Medium, which means I can speak to dead people. I have a rare ability to capture spirit audio that is incredibly clear and multi-layered. I'm also a writer, mainly closeted until recently.
I have 3 books I'm trying to get out into the world eventually.

I have MS and really can't do the things that I used to do so online marketing is how I am hoping to avoid filing for disability. It's been a really tough year, 2010, but I'm encouraged by the market trends and I think I have chosen some excellent opportunities within the mlm biz.

The Hemp Network is a division of Marijuana, Inc. The first medical marijuana company to enter the stock exchange. I've been blogging about hemp for nearly 3 years so this was just such a perfect fit for me., it's something I can really give my passion to.


And I'm just getting involved with iZigg, a Mobile Market Messaging Company. There's no doubt in my mind that mobile market media is a current revolution that's still early to get in on. I plan on reasearching all I can on this market and blogging about it while monetizing my site at

You can find info. about izigg at
You can get my smart phone mobile biz card be texting, "kinomobile" to "90210"

I look forward to getting to know the community here.

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