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About our Business

Yuma Bloggers and theFreeGuru were born in 2013.

In 2012 when my health forced me to leave my partnership in Kooiii Social Media Search. I lost nearly a year online to a surgery and slow recovery and when I came back I was faced with reinventing my online business.

I started from scratch as a broke marketer who no-longer had 2 pennies to rub together after having been a partner in a project that saw 3 million monthly unique visitors. I went from having a reputation that could put 80 people in a program with a single ad run to now fighting my way to build links and build traffic.

I returned to my roots and got back in business with Strong Future International and worked hard building income with them to cover cost for my business and provide a growing profit. I also utilize Google Adsense and IBO Toolbox to expand my business and provide my teams a sound place to plant roots and start a home based business.

I am currently teaching my SFI team how to build a retail affiliate blog so we can capitalize on the major retail selling season projected for 2014. My personal goal is to add 200 new Personally Referred Members and generate $5000 in commissions between now and July 3rd 2017 as I write this it's already July 3rd 2016.

Ambitious? Yes.
Doable? Yes.
Can others do it easily? Hell yeah!

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ShopSanity Social Network
Oct 15 2017 02:34

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SFI Advertising Cooperative SFI Advantage
Jun 2 2017 01:15

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Solo Ads with Guaranteed Sales
Jul 3 2016 07:23

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Pro Business Saver Hosting
Jul 3 2016 07:15

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Banner and Splash Page Design.
Jul 3 2016 06:55

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He is a well known SFI Team Leader and a profound internet marketer and website/blogger expert
 - yeshua July 31st, 2017

Andy is a great blogger and online marketer helping people with learning the internet from home. Great content.
 - angiewrites August 9th, 2016

Great information for those online who like to write on the web. Andy Anderson provides this knowledge and helps others with useful content.
 - artcrafts July 22nd, 2016

Andy is a great Leader and will help you anyway he can. He has insight for what the Internet needs and what will work. I would recommend Andy to anyone looking for experience and help to build their successful online business. Keep up the good work Andy.
 - bestteam June 27th, 2012

Andy, Your sense of honor and ethics sets you apart and it's time that was recognized. I'm pleased to annouce that you are the Business Roundtable's Co-Expert for the months of June and July. I'm proud to have you as a friend and a business contact.
 - pplcheryl63 June 12th, 2011

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